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Done Blood magic well of suffering not working

Discussion in 'Interactions' started by Rebelborn, May 26, 2019.

  1. Rebelborn

    Rebelborn Well-Known Member

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    2:21 AM
    blood magic well of suffering is no longer working and when i tried to remove the master ritual stone and reactivate it i discovered its no longer in the ritual diviner. has it been disabled by purpose or is it a bug?
    if its purposely disabled please reactivate it as u need a ton of lp in this mod pack
  2. ggkhs

    ggkhs Well-Known Member

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    3:21 AM
    Hey Rebelborn,

    Thank you for making a thread regarding this issue. The Well of Suffering ritual has been disabled by the modpack authors in the 1.6.0 version of the pack as you can see here and here in favor of Ritual of Culling. We do not tamper with modpacks except if it absolutely necessary. You will have to use the Ritual of Culling for your lp needs.
    As your question has been answered I will have to mark this thread as Done, if you have further questions feel free to reply for further assistance.

    Have a nice day and a wonderful time on MyM.

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