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Done Cant connect

Discussion in 'Sky Factory 3' started by IamHotPotSoup, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. IamHotPotSoup

    IamHotPotSoup Well-Known Member

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    Local Time:
    4:44 AM
    Skyfactory 3:
    Skyfactory 3 Node 4
    When i log in it just says loading terrain and i cannot join. was kicked out when i was in end and now i cant get back. can someone help
  2. ggkhs

    ggkhs Guest

    Moved you to spawn after seeing your post on the support channel at discord and you successfully login. As the issue is resolved will go ahead and mark this thread as solved.

    Have a nice day and a wonderful time on MyM

    Note to staff : Coordinates of player before teleporting (DIM1 x:10003, y:95 , z:6)

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