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Done Chunk border disable

Discussion in 'StoneBlock 2' started by LPcedric23, Dec 31, 2020.

  1. LPcedric23

    LPcedric23 New Member

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    10:16 AM
    Good day,
    I installed Stoneblock 2 via the "MineYourMind" launcher. The chunk boundaries are shown to me there. But these bother me extremely and I would like to deactivate them. F3 + G and F9 do not work.

    I hope you can help me here.
  2. Willshaper

    Willshaper Administrator Build Team

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    10:16 AM

    The chunk borders you're talking about are from the Worldedit CUI mod, which is installed when you use the MyM Launcher.

    To disable these, press the F4 button.

    I have placed a sign in the SB2 spawn to make this information easier to find.

    As this should answer your question, I'll go ahead and mark this thread as done.
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