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Done Claim Transfer

Discussion in 'B-Team' started by KingOvHell, May 17, 2019.

  1. KingOvHell

    KingOvHell Member

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    2:33 AM
    I need to transfer all my claims on BTeam server to the user cosmicflowers. I got locked out of my account and it'll take time to get it back. Thanks in advance
  2. ggkhs

    ggkhs Moderator Patron Tier 2

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    3:33 AM
    Hello KingOvHell,

    First of, I would like to deeply apologize for the whole situation in advance.

    Unfortunately I have bad news about your claims on B-Team server.
    The day you asked for an absence to be set for you through discord support, I was the one setting your status to absent, this action was done on a 1.12 server and was done successfully. What that means is that you are currently on absence for your claims on 1.12 packs and also on 1.7 packs till 2th of June as it was stated by our manager that you were discussing with in discord.
    That is not the case for b-team unfortunately and I was not aware about that at the time. B-team uses a separate absence database, and as such it did not register your absence on the server. It has been over 16 days since your last login on the server and your claims have been deleted, I also talked to our admin team and it seems it is not possible for your base to be restored :(.
    This is totally my fault for being unaware of that technicality of the absence system and I wanna give my humble apologies again for being responsible for your base loss.

    In conclusion due to claim deletion the transfer claim request cannot be completed. I am sorry and I really hope you can get your base up again in its former glory in a timely manner.

    Have a nice day.

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