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Does the server plan to move on to the newer Minecraft based modpacks?

Discussion in 'Community Talk' started by osirisgothra, Nov 22, 2022 at 7:22 PM.

  1. osirisgothra

    osirisgothra Well-Known Member

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    2:36 PM
    Good morning,

    I've noticed a lot of internet chatter about Modpacks at 1.12.2 being out of date, especially with the developers on GitHub and are noticing more and more 1.15+ modpacks out there. So, I was wondering if anyone knew if the network had any plans of going to new versions for the debuts. I'm aware of the patron ones, which I like and would probably be a patron already (unfortunately, the pandemic and the ?ession has stalled that for me, sorry). Just thought I would put out my feelers and see if anyone knew if that was the gameplan -- even if that gameplan is 5 years away which would be understandable with all the server plugin development, etc..

    I really like this network and would like to get others involved here too. I always get the question "What version of MC are most of their modpacks?" and I say "1.7.10 thru 1.12.2 and above 1.12.2 is patron" and they kinda give me a surprised look and ask, "are they gonna be updating soon?" and I say I'll see if I can ask someone, and then ...well here I am, asking :dead: (didnt ask in support or file a ticket because I understand that this isn't a first-and-foremost support question, just looking for whoever might know, that is also not busy at that moment, who also happens to read this). ;)

    TL;DR staff need not concern with this unless you aren't busy and have the answer at your liesure, sipping a cup of coffee or tea maybe o_O

    :p Have a nice day! :p


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