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Done energy condenser outputting wrong item

Discussion in 'Sky Factory 4' started by PortalJumper2468, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. PortalJumper2468

    PortalJumper2468 Patron Tier 3 Patron Tier 2

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    2:46 PM
    a simple thing, not too important, but it might bug some people. trying to automate stuff.

    i placed a nether quarts seed into the replicate slot of an energy condenser.

    the output is certus quarts seeds.
  2. Aidoneus

    Aidoneus Administrator

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    10:46 PM
    There is nothing we can do about this sadly. A lot of items have meta data like the seeds. The condenser and many other things in ProjectE cannot read meta data. This is out of our hands sadly.

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