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Fans. The (non) silent heroes

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by Matryoshika, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. Matryoshika

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    After months of almost daily bluescreens, and almost every game i play crashing within 30 minuts, I finally had enough and tracked down the culprit.
    OS was corrupted, but that was a symptom, not the cause of my issues.
    RAM was fine, nothing bad there.
    HDD was fine, no issues bar the 18h defragmentation :bored:
    So I replaced my CPU to an older one I had lying around. It wasn't as good as the one I've been using for the last ~3 years, but worse performance or daily bluescreens... Wasn't that hard of a choice.

    Complete reformat, and a fresh OS installation (cause of the OS corruption mentioned before)
    Bluescreens are gone. I've not encountered a single one so far, so the CPU was the culprit all along.
    But... everythings so slow. Searching on google took several seconds, installing Discord and actually opening it took almost 20 minutes!
    I start removing bloatware, shutting off processes, disabling startup programs, but still, everythings so sloooow. We're talking slowpoke crossing the street slow.
    I check my internet connection, and whilst I'm paying for a 100/10 connection, I'm getting readings in kilobytes.
    Something is obviously wrong here.

    Suddenly, my pc shuts off. No warnings, no nothing. Just dead.
    Then I realize.
    I forgot to hook the fan back up.
    My pc was overheating like crazy.
    I hook it back up, and instantly, OS loaded twice as fast; My internet connection is back to normal, and my steam games are downloading waaaaay faster than before. Just when typing this, ARK has gained 5GB already; All of yesterday, when I started downloading ARK, it gained 8GB. 8GB in a whole day... I might be spoiled with internet speeds, but that was just cruel...

    Make sure your fans are hooked up and clean of dust. They are VITAL, not just for hardware, but for a stable internet connection as well apparantly.
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  2. Shizucc

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    It's been a while since i dabbled in computers, but if i'm not mistaken the CPU does need to process incoming internet data. So if the CPU was overheating it would have been thermal throttling, and that would slow down the rate at which that data would have been processed.

    So yes! Fans ARE vital to your internet connection. (if i'm right about the above that is :p)

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