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Done Fatal error,

Discussion in 'CrundeeCraft' started by QuantumRemixx, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. QuantumRemixx

    QuantumRemixx Active Member

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    8:33 PM
    Hey i am hvaing an issue again fatal error when i log in. Any thing can be done or should i keep tryimg?
  2. Column01

    Column01 Administrator

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    3:33 PM
    You told us on your last post you were fixed.
    Please provide your client log and a screenshot of the message it says when you get disconnected.
    • If you are using the Twitch Launcher to play Crundee Craft, the logs should be in: C:\Users\<windows username>\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\Crundee Craft\logs
    • If you are using the AT launcher, they will be where you installed the AT launcher like this: AT Launcher\Instances\CrundeeCraft\logs
    Please share your log with us using Pastebin by copying the contents of the file named latest.log and pasting it to Pastebin.com - #1 paste tool since 2002!
  3. tonalom

    tonalom Administrator

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    9:33 PM
    Seeing as the player has not been online for 15 days, I will go ahead and mark this thread as done. If you do happen to come across this at a later date, do not hesitate with attempting what Column01 suggested and letting us know the results.

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