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Finding Old Friends

Discussion in 'Community Talk' started by DeadDreamz, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. DeadDreamz

    DeadDreamz Donator

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    3:07 PM
    Hey Everyone,

    Going to make this simple due to sleep deprivation.
    I played B-Team in 2014 and have recently re-joint, aging quite differently than expected with a lot of changes here and there.

    But any who... I played with two players who used to mean the world too em and Would like to find them again if possible.

    or at least contact them.

    Please help

    ("McDomo69" and "Lexy2416")
    User names^^

    ~ Thanks
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  2. coolgi3000

    coolgi3000 Logician of the gods

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    9:07 PM
    @McDomo69 @Lexy2416
    That should give them a notification to come here on the forums next time they are on.

    Also if you do the command, I believe it’s: /stats player (username) you should be able to see when they were last on a MYM server and which one it was on.
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