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Denied FTB infinity Reloaded | 1.12 | No

Discussion in 'Modpack Suggestions' started by mauri567, Oct 26, 2021.

  1. mauri567

    mauri567 Patron Tier 2

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    Local Time:
    10:39 AM
    Modpack Name:
    FTB infinity Reloaded
    Modpack Description:
    This pack is a reloaded FTB infinity pack that has both expert and normal mode, the major diffrence is that all of the mods are upgraded to 1.12 and that some of the mod that was discontinued is removed.

    There is both normal mode and expert mode, which both allows for Creative item crafting, which in return reduces server lagg as people can strive towards creative cells and manapools rather than giant mana and energyetups.

    Minecraft Version:
    Modpack URL:
    Why Host the Modpack?:
    Because its a old favorite that has been revamped, balanced and brought back to life!
    Any Potential Modpack Issues?:
    There would be the laggproducing mods like RFTools dimensions etc, but not that causes laggs otherwise as most mods are up to date and has been optimised.
    Should the Modpack be Patron Only?:
  2. Willshaper

    Willshaper Administrator Build Team

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    10:39 AM
    Personally i see no reason to add this to the network.

    It sounds like basically just another basic 1.12 kitchensink pack unless we ran the expert mode, and the good old 1.7 Infinity is still very popular.
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