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Info FTB Interactions Early Farmworld Reset 18/05/2019

Discussion in 'Server Info' started by Aidoneus, May 16, 2019.

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    General Info Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great Wednesday! Now that is out of the way, down to business. There has been a number of changes to the Pack since we first released it. There is currently an issue with certain mobs not spawning in the Farmworld because of certain changes made to the pack and updates to mods. You can read a bit about the changes here. There is also a number of other changes that happened which require this change.
    When & Where Now, when is this happening? This is happening on Saturday, May 18th. The exact time of the day is not specified as it depends on when I get to it. A rough estimate is after 3:30pm MT. For some of you, it will be early morning Sunday, May 19th. This will happen to both Interaction nodes/servers.
    What do I need to do as a player? You do not need to do a whole lot. Make sure you have everything you want out of the farmworld during this time, and do not be logged out in the Farmworld as you could spawn in the air or suffocate in a block due to world changes. If you can't log-in to change your location, please contact staff to move you to spawn on your next login.
    Issues & Concerns If you have any issues and/or concerns about this early reset, please make a forums support thread or a Ticket.

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