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Info FTB Revelations Server Reset

Discussion in 'Server Info' started by Aidoneus, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. Aidoneus

    Aidoneus Director Booster

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    4:42 AM
    As the Modpack got a major update not to long ago, this reset is needed. It will also be a nice fresh Overworld.

    The new server is already available under the IP below and the old one will be shutdown in one week (August 2nd).

    New Servers Launch Times:
    Patron T3: Now!
    Patron T2:
    Saturday, 27th July at 9am CEST
    Others: Sunday, 28th July at 9am CEST

    New Server IP: revelation3.mym.li
    Modpack Version: 3.0.1​

    Hard-Reset As always it will be a hard reset. That means inventories, MyM's, Claims.. will not carry over.
    If you redeemed kits, server upgrades or claim blocks within the last 2 weeks on one of those listed servers we are happy to refund those on request.
    Base Download Those that would like to continue on their bases in single player or on their own server are welcome to download the base during the next week with /wd.
    MyM Launcher The MyM launcher's update for the modpack is being slow, you can still use the Twitch Launcher. Will post a changelog when this is fixed
  2. SirWill

    SirWill Founder

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    12:42 PM
    Modpack is updated on the MyM-Launcher now.
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