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Galactic Science : Comprehensive Guide to start off your adventure on this amazing pack

Discussion in 'Tutorials, Tips and Tricks' started by Pigritia, Jun 10, 2019.

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    Hello friends,

    after 12 days of playtime on Galactic Science and finishing the pack questwise I'd like to share what I learned along the way. This guide will tackle diffrent stages of the game as well as diffrent mods and some general tips.

    General Tips and Tricks
    • /ekit questbook - get a new questbook
    • /ekit beginner - oxygen gear , 2 oxygen tanks, 1 can of food
    • If you use an axe or any other appriopriate tool ( i.e. RR- Pick) on the most bottom log of a tree you will destroy the entire tree. Does also apply to 2x2 trees.
    • Decompose oak logs as soon as you can to obtain cellulose. With cellulose you can synthesize spruce/ jungle saplings, allowing you to grow 2x2 trees
    • Focus on getting a RR-Pickaxe as soon as possible.
    • Pure awesomite blocks provide a melting speed of 8.0x. Do not mix them up with awesomite blocks.
    • You can smelt moon dirt, turf and rock in a crucible to get lava
    • Since you have no access to chunkloading at the start make sure to place i.e. saplings close to you.
    • Golden Bag of Holding provides additional item slots. I also advice to enchant it with "Soulbound" to keep your i.e. rocket save if you travel to other planets.
    • Try to get Succrose (MineChem) as soon as possible. As soon as you have 8 tubes place it in your world by rightclicking. Walking through Sucrose will regenerate hunger and give a minor speed boost. You won't need food again.
    • Arc lamps provide a large amount of light and even cause mobs to flee.
    • Stirling generators by Ender IO are the best power source early on.
    • Fallen Meteors which you obtain from sieving moon rock can be turned into 12 pieces of broken iron shards.
    • To get rocketfuel you need to put oak logs into a crucible in order to get crude oil, which you can refine using a refinery to obtain rocket fuel.
    • Ordinary Minecraft torches will not function properly unless you are in a sealed room. Use glowstone or sulfur torches instead.
    • MineChem offers many cool features. Check the MineChem section found at "Mods"
    Questbook Rewards - My recommendation on what to pick
    A whole new...moon?!
    • Just Breathe Reward Bag
    • Power Up!: 10 x Dirt
    • Jars at the ready: 5 x Dirt
    • I've got a jar of dirt: Silkworm
    • Backup Power: Stirling Generator
    • I need my Rock : Gold
    • Thirsty for more? : Reward Bag
    • Heating things to the max: Reward Bag
    • Fueling Up : Any Dye
    • Getting even Hotter : Ender Lily
    • Transfer it right here: World Interaction Upgrade
    Why do all the work?
    • Stop! Hammer Time - 64 x Coal
    • Baby don't hurt me - Star
    • Location, Location, Location - whatever you prefer / need the most
    • Ender Items - whatever you prefer / need the most
    Storage Solutions
    • Moon Barrels - Storage Upgrade x3 ( most value )
    • Dimensional Storage - Reward Bag
    • Internet : Item Router Speed Boost Upgrade
    I was bad at math. But...

    More Power

    Stars Align

    Stargate: SG Minecraft

    Silly Willi's Space Junk
    Repeatable Quests
    • 2 Emeralds for 2 Diamonds ( one of the best and easiest ways to obtain emeralds since getting diamonds is a lot easier )
    • 3 Copper for 3 Aluminium
    • 3 Aluminium for 3 Copper
    • 1 Silkworm for 30 saplings ( only do this quest if you absolutely must)
    • 4 Nasa schematics for a diamond block ( a way to obtain schematics if you do not want to to search dungeons on the moon, where you can find them as well )
    • 10 Obsidian for 1 Gravel ( only do this quest if you absolutely must )
    • 2 Ender Pearls + 32 Iron Ingots for 8 Energy Conduits (don't , save you pearls)
    • Zombie Converter : Soul Vial + 32 Rotten Flesh for a Zombie Soul Vial ( a way to put your flesh to some use / if you are unlucky with getting zombie spawn eggs ; can not confirm if it's possile to get zombie villagers through this)
    Starting Off
    • Put on your oxygen gear by opening your inventory. You will find a little icon displaying an oxygen mask. Click on it and you will be redirected to secondary armor slots as well as slots for your oxygen gear.2019-06-10-10-51-06 — imgbb.com
    • After completing your very first quest, you will obtain a star. A star is your very first power source and needed to charge your oxygen compressors, which fill your oxygen tanks with oxygen. You can insert a star into a star container by rightclicking, and remove it by shift rightclicking without any items in your hand.
    • You will find leaves next to your oxygen collector and compressor in your ship's basement. Do not remove them as they are needed to collect oxygen.
    • You will find 10 blocks of sand at the back of your ship. Sand / Glass is required to finish some quests. Do only use this sand as needed.
    • You first goal should be to acquire a sieve. To get string you need to infest tree leaves with a silkworm. You can obtain the required silkworm by destroying leaves with a crook or by picking the silkworm as a reward from the quest "I've got a jar of dirt". I'd recommend picking the silkworm reward since I have seen players being terribly unlucky with getting silkworms from destroying leaves.
    • You can obtain food via completing quests or by using a crook on leaves to obtain an increased amount of apples (and saplings)
    • Once you have your sieve you want to start sieving moon rock, moon turf and moon dirt. You can not place multiple sieves next to each other to sieve more than 1 block at a time. This feature was installed in a later version of Ex Nihilo.
      • Moon Rock : Ice , which you can turn into water by playing and destroying the block, broken ore shards
      • Moon Turf: Bone Meal / Bone , which are required to craft your crucible
      • Moon Dirt: Stones
    • Once you gathered the required resources from sieving you can craft a crucible and buckets. To heat a crucible you need to place a block of coal right below it. Coal provides a melting speed of 1.0x.
    Sealing a room 101
    Oxygen Sealer
    • Machine, which fills a room with oxygen up to around 1000 blocks (10x10x10), allowing a player to breath without oxygen gear. Unlike the Oxygen Bubble Distributor, the Oxygen Sealer confines oxygen to the room it is in. The Oxygen Sealer will only function properly if a room is completely sealed off from outer space and if there is no block placed directly above it. There are 2 ways to seal a room. Either you completely close up the room or you use an Air Lock. Furthermore the oxygen sealer can be upgraded with an Ambient Thermal Controller , allowing you to walk around in the sealed area without the need of thermal protection. ( this is only needed if you setup your base on any other planet but the moon )
    • correctly sealed
      • Players can breath without the need of an oxygen mask and tanks
      • Mobs (basically any non-evolved mob) can breath and survive in a sealed room. Needed if you like to setup i.e. a cowfarm or an enderman farm. Endermen will teleport if they take damage from not having a sufficient amount of air.
      • torches will not burn out
      • you can use flint and steel to set fire i.e. to set your heart of a star on fire.
    • not correctly sealed
      • if your oxygen tanks run out of oxygen you will start to take damage and the warning "oxygen setup invalid" will appear on your screen. If you do not refill your tanks you will die.
      • any non evolved mobs will take damage and die.
      • torches will go out.
      • fires will go out/ flint and steel won't work
    • sealable and non-sealable blocks
      • to seal a room, every block in that room must be a solid or sealable block.
      • if you can not place a torch on that block or see through the block (and it's not glass) it probably won't seal your room.
    • sealable blocks (selection)
      • Stone
      • Glass
      • Glass Panes
      • Wood
      • Sealable Aluminium Wire
      • Sealable Oxygen Pipe
      • Conduit Facade (Ender IO)
      • Air Lock
    • non-sealable blocks (selection)
      • Oxygen Pipe
      • Aluminium Wire
      • Conduits without facade
      • Gravel
      • Wool
      • Leaves
      • Glowstone
      • Doors
      • Slabs
      • Stairs
      • Farmland
    Essential ressources and where to find them
    Overview of basic items you will need for your playthrough and where to find them (a lot of these can be crafted through MineChem, due to the high enery cost I will exclude most recipes for these items and assume that you have no access to an ender quarry )
    • Using the QED by Extra Utilities will always triple your ores and is superior to SAG Mill with Flint.
    • SAG Mill with Steelball will usually yield more ingots etc. than the QED.
    • Automatic sieves can be upgraded with fortune upgrades to yield more ressources.
    • Recommended to get Fortune 3 / Silktouch as soon as possible if you obtain your ressources mainly through mining.
    • More detailed information on how to process the ressources can be found in the list.
    Ores, ingots, shards and related items
    • Ore
      • Obtainment
        • Mars, Venus
      • Yield Rate
      • Advice
    • Shards
      • Obtainment
      • Yield Rate
      • Advice
    • MineChem

    • Obtainment
    • Yield Rate
    • Advice
    • Obtainment
    • Yield Rate
    • Advice
    Meteoric Iron
    • Obtainment
    • Yield Rate
    • Advice
    • Obtainment
    • Yield Rate
    • Advice
    Lapis Lazuli
    • Obtainment
    • Yield Rate
    • Advice
    Frozen Iron
    • Obtainment
    • Yield Rate
    • Advice
    • Obtainment
    • Yield Rate
    • Advice
    • Obtainment
    • Yield Rate
    • Advice
    Nether Quartz
    • Obtainment
    • Yield Rate
    • Advice
    • Obtainment
    • Yield Rate
    • Advice
    • Obtainment
    • Yield Rate
    • Advice
    • Obtainment
    • Yield Rate
    • Advice
    • Obtainment
      • Mars
      • Sieving Mars blocks
    • Yield rate
      • Normal: 1x Desh
      • Fortune 3: 2x Desh
      • QED: 3x Desh
      • Sieve: 1% chance for Desh Ore
    • Advice
      • Use Silktouch to mine Desh, process using the QED.
    Blocks and Items
    End Stone
    Soul Sand
    Bone / Bone Meal
    Ender Pearls
    Mods ( not explaining every mod in detail, just what's good to know for this pack )
    Galacticraft Planets & 4Space - adds Planets with ressources and dungeons
    Tier 2 Planets
    • Mars
      • Desh
      • Copper
      • Tin
      • Iron
      • Aluminium
      • Cavernous Vines
    • Mars blocks can be sieved to obtain
      • Desh (1% chance)
    • Mercury
      • Gold
      • Iridium
      • Copper
      • Tin
      • Meteoric Iron
    • Mercury blocks can be sieved to obtain
      • Crushed Uranium (2% chance)
      • Thorium Ore (2% chance)
      • Iridium Ore (2% chance)
    • Venus
      • Iron
      • Coal
      • Copper
      • Sulfur
      • Crystal
      • Uranium
      • Ruby
    • Venus blocks can be sieved to obtain
      • Lead Ore (2% chance)
      • Crushed Silver (2% chance)
      • Lithium Ore (2% chance)
    • Tier 2 DungeonsDungeons can be found across the entire planet and contain mulitple random spawners as well as loot chests and a boss at the end of the dungeon
    • Wither Skeleton Boss
      • fairly easy boss
      • picks you up and throws you if get to close to him.
      • Iron / Diamond armor provides enough survivibility
      • On defeat he will drop XP as well as a Tier 2 dungeon key
      • Boss Loot chest contains several items and can contain schematics for your Nasa workbench.
    Tier 3 Planets
    • Pluto
      • Frozen Iron
      • Sapphire
      • Ununpetium
    • Pluto blocks can be sieved to obtain
      • Plutonium Ore (2% chance)
      • Silver Ore (2% chance)
      • Crushed Boron (2% chance)
    • Io
      • Sulfur
    • Io blocks can be sieved to obtain
      • Uranium Ore (2% chance)
      • Crushed Thorium (2% chance)
    • Europa
      • Dense Ice
      • Dirty Ice
      • Packed Ice
      • Ice
    • Callisto
      • -
    • Asteroids
      • The entire dimension is made out of floating blocks. While you can jump from asteroid to asteroid I highly recommend to only visit this dimension if you have the gravity or battlesuit armor. If you fall into the void you will lose all your items.
      • Hollow asteroids are sorrounded by dense ice. You can find grass, oak trees, glowstone inside of them.
    • Asteroids consists of asteroid rocks and/or dense ice. Some asteroids contain veins of various ores.
      • Illmenite Ore
        • Iron + Titanium
      • Iron Ore
      • Aluminium Ore
      • Silicon Ore (rare, 4% chance)
      • Meteoric Iron Blocks (rare, <2% chance)
      • Vanilla Diamond Ore (rare, <2% chance)
    • Asteroid Blocks can be sieved to obtain
      • Crushed Lithium (2% chance)
      • Tin Ore (2% chance)
      • Ender Pearl (2% chance)
      • Boron Ore (2%chance)
    • Useful effects when placed in the world or drank. If you stand in it the effect will contiously be refreshed. I.e. Sucrose will refill your entire hunger bar within some seconds. Drinking is a 1 time use. To place a chemical in the game you need 8 tubes of it.
    • Aspartic Acid/ Alinine/ Glycine/ Serine/ Valine/ Arginine/ Cysteine/ Threonine/ Methionine/ Tyrosine/ Histidine/ Phenylalanine/ Proline/ Isoleucine/ Apsaragine
      • Haste II (0:20)
      • Jump II (0:20)
      • Refills 1 Hunger
    • Theobromine
      • Speed II (5:00)
    • Starch
      • Refills 3 Hunger
    • Sucrose (easy to access)
      • Speed II (0:20)
      • Refills 1 1/2 Hunger
    • Penicillin
      • Regeneration IV (0:40)
      • all effects removed
    • Testosterone
      • Strength II (0:20)
      • Speed II (0:20)
    • Fingolimod
      • Speed II (1:00)
      • Hunger II (5:00)
      • Strength I (1:00)
      • Regeneration II (1:00)
    • Aspirin
      • Regeneration I (0:02)
      • cure all effects
    • Retinol
      • Night Vision (0:30)
    • Useful Effects for Weapons
      • to coat a tool with a chemical simply put your tool and 1 tube of the desired chemical into your crafting grid
      • some chemicals can only be applied to the MineChem PolyTool
    • Mescaline
      • 2 Damage
      • Nausea IV (1:00)
      • Blindness IV (0:30)
    • Mycotoxin (extremely powerful)
      • Wither VII (0:08)
      • Weakness I (0:12)
    • Nodularin
      • Poison IV (0:30)
      • Hunger IV (1:00)
    • Potassium Cyanide
      • Wither IV (0:40)
    • Pantherine
      • Slowness III (0:40)
      • Nausea IV (0:30)
    • Sulfuric Acid
      • Burn (0:01)
    • Tert-butyllithium, Phosgene, Allyl Alcohol
      • Burn (0:02)
    • Tetrodotoxin
      • Weakness II (0:02)
      • Slowness (0:04, reduce movement speed by 100%)
    • Batrachotoxin
      • Wither (0:04)
      • Slowness (0:04, reduce movement speed by 100%)
    Poly Tool
    • all-in-one-tool (axe, pickaxe, shovel, sword)
    • Indistructable
    • can be upgraded with elements
    • left click to use, rightclick to open GUI
    • while in GUI, you can place a full stack of an element (64) in the upper-left slot to upgrade the tool with that element and apply it's effect.
    • The Polytool can not be used with Killer Joe
    Tool Modifiers
    • without any upgrade the Polytool has +8 Attack and 8 speed points
    • no stat can be lowered below 4 points through modifications.

    Special Effects

    • in addition to the modifiers, some elements add specific effects to the Polytool.
    • Hydrogen
      • Causes an explosion when the attacked entity is on fire.
    • Helium
      • Mobs float upwards when attacked and take fall damage.
    • Beryllium
      • Increases the chance of beheading a mob.
    • Boron
      • Increases the damage when attacking spiders. Equivalent to a Bane of Arthropods enchant.
    • Carbon
      • Increases the number of items dropped when mining coal or diamond.
    • Nitrogen
      • Zombies drop cooked steak instead of rotten meat when killed.
    • Oxygen
      • Provides extra air when mining underwater.
    • Fluorine
      • There is a random chance of filling the hunger bar by 4 points whenever a block is mined.
    • Neon
      • Gives player night vision when attacking.
    • Sodium (works extremely well if you have limited access to glowstone or sulfur torches)
      • Randomly places a torch at the players current location when mining.
    • Magnesium
      • Blinds nearby mobs with a bright magnesium flash.
    • Silicon
      • Mob drops have a chance of decomposing into constituent molecules when a mob is killed.
    • Phosphorus
      • Has a chance of setting nearby blocks on fire when breaking grass, flowers, leaves, or wood.
    • Sulfur
      • Sets entities on fire when attacked.
    • Chlorine
      • Poisons all mobs within a 1-block radius when attacking.
    • Argon
      • Increases damage taken while suffocating.
    • Calcium
      • Skeletons drop more bones when killed.
    • Titanium
      • Increases chances of item drops when a mob is killed.
    • Chromium
      • There is a small chance of changing the wool color when breaking wool blocks.
    • Iron
      • Mines 2 adjacent ore blocks at once.
    • Nickel (alternative to magnet)
      • Player can pick up items from farther away.
    • Zinc
      • Makes fake diamonds when mining dirt.
    • Bromine
      • Mining gold ore drops two gold ingots instead of the raw ore.
    • Krypton
      • Deals more damage to armored players
    • Rubidium
      • Creates an explosion when breaking blocks under water.
    • Silver
      • Extra damage vs. Endermen.
    • Caesium
      • Creates an explosion when mining stone.
    • Platinum
      • Mobs yield 50-75% more experience when killed.
    • Gold
      • Occasionally creates lightning strikes which charge inventory.
    • Mercury
      • Warns the player if lava within 3 blocks below a mined block.
    • Lead
      • Temporarily drops flying mobs to the ground.
    • Francium
      • Creates an explosion when attacking mobs in the rain.
    • Uranium
      • Withers all mobs within a 1-block radius when attacking.
    Decomposer and Synthezizer
    • decomposing ressources offers access to a wide range of items through synthezizing the obtained elements.
    • You can obtain a decomposer through the quest "A whole new moon?! - Transfer it right here". No need to craft it.
    • You can obtain a syntheziser through the quest "I was bad at math. But...- Molecules and stuff". No need to craft it.
    • recommended materials to decompose
      • double compressed cobblestone (will save energy compared to cobblestone)
        • Yield
          • Lead
          • Iron
          • Silicon
          • Oxygen
          • Titanium
          • Magnesium
          • Chlorine
          • Sodium
      • Obsidian
        • Yield
          • Silicon Dioxide
          • Magnesium Oxide
      • Soulsand
        • Yield
    Ender IO
    Stirling Generators
    • best early / midgame power source. Generate 20/ 40 / 80 RF depending on used capacitors.
    • You require desh to craft most of Ender IO related machines. Working towards your tier 2 rocket should be one of your top priorities to progress in this pack.
    Advanced Item Filters
    • can ignore NBT and Meta data. Useful for mobfarms to destroy bows, swords etc.
    Killer Joe
    • Equip with Etheric Sword. They are indestructable.
    Broken spawners
    • can be found in dungeons (+quest reward). Known spawners:
      • Evolved Spider
      • Evolved Zombie
      • Evolved Creeeper
      • Evolved Skeleton
      • Pig
    • can turn
      • Pigs into Zombie Pigmen
      • Spiders into Cave Spiders
      • Skeletons into Wither Skeletons
      • Creepers into Charged Creepers
      • Provide you with a source of mushrooms
      • Be used to create Soul Sand
    Dark Steel Armor and Tools
    • excellent items throughout your entire playthrough, which can be enchanted
    • provides an infinite water source. Can be placed horizontally or vertically.
    Inventory Panel
    • should be your longterm storage goal. Easy access to all your stored items + crafting grid.
    Dimensional Tranceivers
    • They have a lot of uses. In this pack particular you can use them to power an ender quarry in another dimension assuming your main power source is not on the planet your quarry is on. To accomplish this you need to chunkload your dimensional tranceiver on your homeplanet by placing an iron or gold block next to your dimensional tranceiver. Loading a 1x1x1 chunk is enough. Hit F9 to display chunk borders and make sure both the chunkloader and the tranceiver are in the same chunk.Once that is done you can go to whatever planet you desire and setup your quarry with a second dimensional tranceiver. Your quarry should now be powered. You do not need to chunkload the quarry, since the quarry chunkloads itself. However you need to make sure that your quarry and dimensional tranceiver are in the same chunk (F9). Once you return to your planet you can remove the chunkloader. If you want the quarry to run while you are offline, place a gold block (offline chunkloader) next to your dimensional tranceiver on your homeplanet.
    Open Blocks
    Building Guide
    • When powered with redstone, this block will give you an outline of diffrent shapes and sizes, which help you build. Adjustable sizes by clicking on the block
    Enhanced Building Guide
    • Works just like the normal building guide, but this block can also build for you. Rightclick with a stack in your hand on the center of the block.
    • Blows players, items or entities in the direction it's facing. Useful for mob farms.
    • Fertilize crops up to 4 blocks away. Bone Meal can be added for even faster growth rate. Place it on top of an open water tank. The Sprinkler also functions as a water source for surrounding crops.
    Cursor (disabled )
    • You can click and access blocks remotely using the cursor. Simply shift right click on the desired block. Now you can access the block by rightclicking wih the cursor. Consumes XP to function. Consumed XP increases with distance to accessed block. Great to access your oxygen compressor or Ender IO inventory panel.
    Warnings and known bugs
    • For an , to my knowledge , unknown reason, people have fallen out of their rocket shortly before it took off, resulting in the loss of their rocket. I'd advice not to try to jump or press any keys while you are taking off. Any information on what's causing this is greatly appreciated.
    • Mobs sometimes appear to be invisible. Relogging fixes this.
    • If you teleport to another player, or a player teleports to you, either one or both of you may be invisible to each other. Relogging fixes this as well.
    • If you obtain the 10th, 11th and 12th doctor statue through your quest be careful with placing them since you can not break them.
    • If you use your tardis key for the first time the tardis might not appear. Crafting a tardis recaller fixes this.
    • Leveling up the tardis seems to be bugged. I leveled up mine to level 8, on relog it was level 3 again. Any Information on what's causing this is greatly appreciated.
    • Do not travel to the overworld. You will fall out of the world and lose all your items.
    • If you die multiple times and have no oxygen gear equipped normal skeletons will spawn at some point. I highly assume that this is not intended and wouldn't recommend trying to catch one since it would violate the MyM rules. (if it's a bug) However , you can obtain normal skeletons by traveling through your stargate at the end of the pack.
    • Grief Protection does not apply to your rocket. Be sure that your rocket is save if you decide to set it up. Otherwise leave it in a chest.
    • EU transfer pipes at times won't work for an unknown reason ( not chunk or loading related ). Would suggest to use EnderIO conduits if possible.
    edit: Will add and continue as often as I can. If I miss anything please let me know.
    have a great day ^-^

    Thanks to ...
    for providing additional information.
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  2. wyndman

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    9:56 PM
    I'd like to add make sure your trees are in the same chunk as you! Same thing with your food source, early on you have no access to chunkloading so self loading is your only option. Make sure you use a crook to break the leaves for an increase drop rate of apples, worms and saplings.
  3. LordEreh

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    3:56 AM
    where is T-2 Mycotoxin tip for OP enchant on weapon?
  4. Pigritia

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    3:56 AM
    Weapon effects etc. will be added at some point. I will post a to-do list to give an overview of what I am planning to add. Will be easier to point out things I missed or got wrong.
  5. wyndman

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    9:56 PM
    changed your original post in a few bullets, but these are some tips you can add as well.

    • Decomposing Cobblestone yields all sorts of chemicals
    • Decomposing Obsidian until you make your fist SAG Mill will yield enough Si to make gravel and sand to sift through for more immediately needed ore pieces.
    • Hammers don't work the way you think they should. Automated hammers have some limited use, but I never thought they were worth the time and expense.
    • The Solar Panel from the quest reward cannot be crafted, so do not lose it or give it away!
    • Caithleen stated you'll never get back your investment of upgrading the solar panel
    • Unbreakable tools aren't always unbreakable, there are a few bugs where durability can be taken away! (Healing Axe in a chopper for example)
    • Cobblestone, Iron, Diamond upgrades are not really worth it for the machines. If you can auto craft replacement tools easily they don't work much faster than their wooden counterparts, in some cases such as a farmer speed isn't essential
    • Upgrades increase the area the machines can work, 1 upgrade yields ONE more block
    • Barrels can hold more items than normal, use sorting barrels to your advantage!
    • You can use a Liquid transfer node with a world interaction upgrade to pump into a decomposer for easy access to Hydrogen to fuel your furnaces and Stirling Generators.
    • Reward bags are mostly useless and this was intended since Caithleen is a meany pants.
  6. LordEreh

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    3:56 AM
    Also you can use excess oxygen in Quantum Entropy Accelerator

    Make oxygen bubble in monster grinder for normal/vanilla mobs to spawn
  7. Sandstroem

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    The more important question. When do we get galactic science 2 ?
  8. LordEreh

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    3:56 AM
    I bet BEFORE MyM Skies
  9. wyndman

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    9:56 PM
    Probably since Skies is intentionally being held back with the overwhelming skyblock population. Not sure what happened to GS2 and I've not heard from Caithleen in quite some time.
  10. Sandstroem

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    Maybe it is playable enough without being finished?
  11. wyndman

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    9:56 PM
    GS2? It should be, I think his original release was fine, just missing quests, then he made a bunch of changes and I've not really tried the updated version enough to say yep. Maybe we should try it as a patron offering or something.
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  12. Pigritia

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    3:56 AM
    added asteroids to galacticraft planets
    added EU transfer pipes to known bugs.

    additional information needed
    EU pipes at times do not work for an unknown reason. (not a chunk or loading related issue)
    how exactly do MineChem weapon coatings interact with each other and how many can you apply?

    To-Do List

    • Tardis Guide and Planets
    • a lot of mods (specifically MineChem )
    • Early /Mid/ Late/ Endgame Tips
    • General Tips and Tricks
    • Ressources and where to find them
    • Sealing a room 101
    • Questbook Rewards

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