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Accepted GT New Horizons | 1.7 | Yes

Discussion in 'Modpack Suggestions' started by wyndman, Aug 31, 2020.

  1. wyndman

    wyndman Well-Known Member

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    Local Time:
    8:16 PM
    Modpack Name:
    GT New Horizons
    Modpack Description:
    You are looking at a big progressive kitchen sink pack for Minecraft 1.7.10 balanced around the mod GregTech.
    Over 3 years of development (and still going) have formed a balance and refinement that only a handful of packs can keep up with. We are talking about thousands of recipe tweaks, a massive questbook with custom reward system, unique world generation, custom mods coded for the pack, custom Thauminomicon pages, and many more.

    The main intentions of the pack are a long lasting experience and tying mods together in a progressive fashion, making it feel more like a single game than a compilation of mods thrown together.
    To reach this goal GT New Horizons is using the tiers (basically ages of technology) from GregTech and allocates content of other mods to a fitting point within the progression.
    Starting in the stone age you will barely be able to survive until you get your first steam machines and eventually reach electricity. Later on you will have to visit other planets and dimensions to gather important resources and fight mighty bosses to channel their magical power.

    If you are fan of expert mode packs and want to take it to the next level this pack will be your friend!
    Minecraft Version:
    Modpack URL:
    Why Host the Modpack?:
    It keeps being requested, and generally expert packs tend to go over well here. It is designed to have a longer life span so even the best of our tryhards aren't going to finish it in a week.
    Any Potential Modpack Issues?:
    Maybe with the things like non infinite water, and certain biomes being called for and ore generation not being traditional we would need to push players to the farmworld like Sevtech
    Should the Modpack be Patron Only?:

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