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Hey MyM community. Look at all these PLANTS from Dungions, Dragons, and Space Shuttles

Discussion in 'Community Talk' started by jeckspero, Mar 25, 2020.


Should minecraft have this many mods?

  1. Yes

  2. Yes

  1. jeckspero

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    This is every plant from the mod Pam's Harvestcraft. Half of the plants are within a claim on the DDSS server, but you can right click the plant seed in this version of minecraft to replant instantly, and it works in other's claims.

    Here's a 4k image with every plant on screen
    (ONLY vanilla plants & pam's harvestcraft mod! there's still more from other magical plant mods not included!)

    Thanks to the optifine cape I'm running the Shaderpack "Sildur's Enhanced Default 1.12.2"
    getting no fps drops , reflective water , not much "enb" effect , waving grass

    Looking forward to many more posts about Dungions Dragons and Space Shuttles. Such an epic modpack, if you wanted to build a working based-on-real-life THORIUM SALT REACTOR. Or idk maybe just use Thaumcraft and plant enough food to build every cuisine possible in Pam's Harvestcraft....

    [​IMG] My beginner sorting system
    [​IMG] the pages of mods in 4k
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