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Done How long does it take to normally restore a base from a back up?

Discussion in 'GT New Horizons' started by BlazeFTB, Feb 12, 2021.

  1. BlazeFTB

    BlazeFTB Patron Tier 2

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    6:47 PM
    I posted a base restoration request after using my free base restore on the shop. How long are back ups stored for player bases and how long does it take to restore one if the back up Is still available on the server?
  2. Gabezetrainboy4

    Gabezetrainboy4 Senior Moderator

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    3:47 PM

    My friend's base restoration of ~30 claims on infinity took 7 days to be approved, and 4 days to be completed. So I'd guess no more than 2 weeks depending on the size. Perhaps an @Administrator can specify.
  3. Aidoneus

    Aidoneus Administrator

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    4:47 PM
    We save base deletions for a long long time. Base restorations has to be approved by the founder since they track the shop "transation." Once that happens, an admin can pretty easily restore it

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