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Done I dont know the version of stoneblock 2 this server uses

Discussion in 'StoneBlock 2' started by Oalofa, Jul 15, 2021.

  1. Oalofa

    Oalofa Member

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    3:18 AM
    When i try to connect using the previous version I was able to play on a few years ago 1.15.0, now it says I do not have the correct versions/correct mods to join, so I tried with 1.16.1 and it did not work either, could someone tell me the version

    (completely unrelated, is optifine allowed?)
  2. AoifeEnns

    AoifeEnns Community Coordinator

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    3:18 AM
    We are running version 1.20.0 If you are using the overwolf app, it may not be on there due to ftb pulling packs Using the MYM launcher, multimc, gd launcher or, the ftb launcher will allow you to get that version, I believe. Our launcher always has the clients updated to the version we host.

    Optifine is absolutely allowed, just may have conflict if you have a similar mod in the pack that does the same thing.
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