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Interactions: Titanium Processing 101

Discussion in 'Tutorials, Tips and Tricks' started by Matryoshika, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. Matryoshika

    Matryoshika Consultant

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    9:12 PM
    Getting yourself from the lowly dredges of the HV age, and entering the vast expanse of EV, requires titanium, and lots of it.
    But getting titanium, is far from simple.
    You will need:
    • HV Game Stage
    • 1x Thermal Evaporation Plant
      • 1x Resistive Heater to power it
    • 1x Pyrolyze Oven (HV+)
    • 3x GT Macerators (LV+)
    • 3x GT Centrifuges (LV+)
    • 2x GT Electrolyzers (LV+)
    • 1x GT Ore Washer (LV+)
    • 2x GT Chemical Reactors (HV+)
    • 1x Blast Furnace (HV+)
      • 2141 degrees Kelvin is required (Kanthal Coils+)
    • 1x Vacuum Freezer (MV+)
    • Supply of Magnesite & Bauxite Ores to process

    The [Chemical Reactor 2] & [Electrolyzer 2] are not strictly required for this to work, but is heavily encouraged as it will recycle 2/3rds of your Magnesium, as well as 3/8ths of your Chlorine. The added Chlorine from the Salt->Sodium processing will bring you to 5/8ths of Chlorine recycled.
    (Slight mishap: Magnesium should be returned to the Blast Furnace not Chemical Reactor. Will fix within the next 24h)

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