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Done Is SF3 down for good?

Discussion in 'Sky Factory 3' started by misscatlin1951, Apr 8, 2023.

  1. misscatlin1951

    misscatlin1951 We die so others may live. Patron Tier 3

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    7:28 AM
    I was hoping to get back to SF3 before the termination, but I think I failed. I was having trouble saving to file and I was hoping to keep trying. If it is down then I can't worry about it. I guess I will start a new single player although it seems that this has had less time after notification, than others. Well since everything is gone, I guess I will be too. It has been nice to have some friends on the internet that are fairly wholesome and a good bunch of mates.
    I still have SF4 to play although it is becoming a bit "grindy" and I predict that I will drop out of that later. It has been fun, and I will be back. I am always on the lookout for 1.8 to 1.12 packs and even the rare higher packs if the graphics are not too intense as my old Sapphire card can't keep up.
    So later everyone. I'm OFF!
  2. Willfon

    Willfon Well-Known Member

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    1:28 PM
    SF3 might have gone down a bit before time, considering Forever Stranded seems to be online still. They were supposed to be shut down on the 7th. It is now 00:12 on the 8th, CET, but at the same time, it is 22:12 UTC and I believe the norm is that our servers follow UTC.

    As such I will ping the @Administrator who can say anything definitive. We will probably be able to whip up a world download in any case.
  3. SovereignEternal

    SovereignEternal Former Admin, I'll be back.

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    4:28 AM
    Not to worry Cat, the servers haven't been shut down quite yet. Just needed a good kick to restart. Let us know in your other thread if the world download doesn't work.

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