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Done Island Crash

Discussion in 'Infinity Skyblock' started by misscatlin1951, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. misscatlin1951

    misscatlin1951 We die so others may live.

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    10:02 PM
    Please reset my island as it has disappeared. I do bot expect anything except to be able to spawn on a piece of dirt with a sap beneath my feet. This is the first time I have entered a ticket because other things (Omnifactory) has taken place and I missed playing so my island was revoked. Because I am moving when I log in I cant even do /spawn. I just need to reset to spawn then I can reset my island. at least I think so.
  2. HanoverFist69

    HanoverFist69 Administrator Patron Tier 3

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    7:02 PM
    Hello misscatlin1951,

    I moved you to the spawn. You should be good to logon now. Let me know if you have any further issues.


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