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Done Lost my chest and items

Discussion in 'Direwolf20' started by SK_Marty, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. SK_Marty

    SK_Marty New Member

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    10:32 AM
    I've been playing games for a long time but today I came back and my stuff was gone.

    I had it secured with a golden axe. One point was in position x:288 Z-1104

    I had a lot of things built when I joined the server killed me because I was in the wall. I think this is because of the maintenance of the system to do away with my things.
  2. wyndman

    wyndman Consultant

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    4:32 AM
    Claims are deleted after fourteen days of inactivity. Your last login to Direwolf was on January 28, 2018. Today would be February 14th, this would mean seventeen days have passed. Once a claim is deleted the chunk is regenerated to make room for new players. Unfortunately they cannot be recovered. In the future should you need to be away more than fourteen days you can run /absence which will extend your claim for twenty-eight days before it becomes marked for deletion.

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