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Done Major Problem

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by misscatlin1951, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. misscatlin1951

    misscatlin1951 We die so others may live.

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    5:20 PM
    As most of you know, I had to either fix a computer or trash it for a new one. When the laptop finally quit after almost 10 years, I purchased an I5. Worked great till the drivers crashed in the Video card. Come to find out that the company quit creating software for it over 2 years ago and now I am without a computer that I can play ANY modded Minecraft. (something about OpenGL.
    I have been trying to get reimbursement from E-Bay as the seller did not disclose even the year of the main board and while questions were ask, he shipped it with the note "Not me anymore. Its your problem."
    I cant even play the Vanilla Minecraft on here, and until I either get a rebate from e-bay or from the idiot I suppose that I am banned from the server as cannot play the first game.
    Please be patient with me as I try different configurations in the hopes that I will figure the problem out and get back online. Till then, if anyone knows of a OpenGL sim that will work with this POS please let me know.
  2. HanoverFist69

    HanoverFist69 Administrator Patron Tier 3

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    2:20 PM
    Check Intel and use their reference drivers. Those are what all manufacturer drivers are based off of. You may lose some customized features but they should work and be stable.

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