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Info MyM Staff Biographies

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SilentBane, Apr 8, 2015.

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    History of MYM(Written by Slind)

    I don’t even remember when I bought minecraft, why, and if my brother's account is older. Over all the first thing I remember about modded minecraft was the situation when I saw my brother standing in front of an ugly looking orange construct. I asked him what it was, and he explained to me that it is a machine that automatically mines for you, so you can sit back, relax and wait for the items to pop up. (I don’t remember the exact wording, I only remember I didn’t understand it in the first place). At this time he was visiting a small family-like modded server, from a few people he knew from a city-build server.
    Soon after he started playing there across a few map resets. At some point I was helping him out a bit and we built a fully automated tier 3/4 solar panel production (at this time with buildcraft pipes, redpower tubes, equivalent exchange resource generation and crafting tables), man this thing was huge, around 20 blocks high on a floor of about 50x50. Soon enough, he was threatened to be the cause of lag, the entire base removed and later also banned. Somewhere in between we had our own private tekkit server, but the fun was gone quickly with the sugar cane farm producing millions of emc value per second.

    After the ban and all the drama of the past, I did look for a small family like server with a German community for him, and soon after, I joined myself, helping out with gregtech and frame quarries (mindcrack). The owner (Tom) of this server was the best you could think of in terms of personal character. He was always open to suggestions, allowed us to do anything, when a grief happened, he looked into it (it was a white-listed server without any plugins), banned players if they did not behave in a humane way and even gave creative for rebuilding stuff lost during a rollback (we had rollbacks of days). The only thing he was lacking was finding ways to fix the issues (block lag, rollbacks..).
    Soon I got semi-control of the server, I talked with the hoster and requested server-moves to less occupied machines which doubled the performance/tps (I started to learn what tps was at this time)…. I decided to add plugins with BukkitForge and soon we removed the white-list, letting anyone join. (on a side note, bukkitforge was working so much better than mcpc+ (renamed to cauldron later on) at this time, I still miss it)
    The server started to attract more and more people, while I got pissed of more and more about needing to request a server move each week as the system they put us on either fills up or we got moved back to a full server.

    So with the ultimate release we decided to get our own dedicated server and switch to the ultimate pack. From what I remember we did spend quite some time building the ultimate server, starting with building a hotel, that looked like a ship in the middle of the ocean with rooms to rent, gas stations where you throw in a coin to get fuel for your jet-pack (same with energy)... A lot of neat ideas.
    At some point we also built a computer controlled question and answer system that new players needed to fullfill with questions about the rules. The system was quite basic and easy at the beginning. We decided to build towns in the main world and sell region plots for high amounts of money. The spawn was similar to the apple building, like a circle with shops all around.
    When more and more people joined and even the dedicated server upgrade couldn’t handle it anymore, we set the slots to 50 and rebuilt the question-and-answer system for new players inside a submarine. You spawned inside the submarine, with npc’s around talking to you (a lot of new players talked to them and asked for help). The submarine was lacking and the annoying sound of the industrialcraft alarms was everywhere. So it was clear that you need to get out. The way out was hidden well. As you kinda walked by it. Imagine a long corridor with pillars in the middle. The first way you had to go was a small shaft on the side (nearly not visible due to black wool). Than you had to run across the entire submarine, behind all of those pillars was a ladder leading to a dead end, besides of one. I guess the average time was at around 20-30 minutes within the submarine, as small as 1 chunks width and 4-5 chunks long.

    When you finally got to the end with the life-pods you had to notice that they are protected. Protected by the new question and answer system with +20 questions which all needed to be answered correctly with no indication of which one was wrong. On top of all, these questions where made in a way, where you had to combine 3-5 rules to get the answer, and even then, two of the answers would match, leaving you to decide which one is more reasonable.
    Again on top of this, you only had 20 seconds per question. If you didn’t make it, the room was flooded with water and you'd drown, re-spawning at the start of the submarine. We had around 5-6 of those rooms and often a queue of new players waiting for one to free up. Young players often spent multiple hours a day trying to figure it out. Some did pass it after a lot of try and errors, but most gave up early enough to not make it. The older generation often did it with the third, fourth or fifth try.

    With our current setup I couldn’t imagine such a system, we probably would end up with only 3-5 new players a day instead of 50. But at this time the server was full every day. Often with 53/50 giving non-donors no chance to connect during the time. We had been criticized about this quite a lot but never changed it. Thinking about a second server was not an idea at this time.

    The interesting thing about this time was, we weren’t collecting votes. While we were on vote lists, our spot was at page 20+.

    Knowing the advanced server setup of the past we could either say we did a huge step back or into another direction.

    As the server was full every day we did take it easy with the 1.5 packs. If I remember right, we published the unhinged and unleashed server months after their release. Spending ages on the spawn for unhinged. Unhinged Impressions, that server never got full. I do blame the popularity of the pack. After the incident with Greg and FTB threatening to put his mods on a blacklist, no one seemed to be interested in this pack. The ultimate pack was still popular. As popular as unleashed.

    Months later after nothing new from FTB, Horizons popped up on the launcher. We decided to create a server and test how fast we can set one up after investing months into unhinged. After around 1 hour everything was set (no world pre render, no custom plugins..), I started to prepare a listing on ftbservers.
    Suddenly people connected to the server. Not just one, tons of people. I guess around 20 players joined within the first 1-2 hours. I didn’t know why. Later on I realized that the listing was put online even though I only entered the server IP to get the form. The players that joined came from all over the world, asked us what they could do to help us set it up… So we decided, what the heck, lets just release it and throw away the German translations we had so far.
    After a day without any spawn we had around 200 (~10-24 at a time) players on the server. The second day even more. It increased day by day even though we didn’t have any spawn and only the basics set up. No one cared about the missing spawn, or the basic setup, everyone just wanted to play the new modpack on a server and we had the only public, and stable one up at this time.

    The birth of the simple setup policy we follow since then.

    As new players started to vote on their own, and asking for vote rewards we soon implemented this system even though I disliked it. (I still do) After some time, (around Christmas) we did of course build a spawn. An igloo with a Christmas tree in the middle to be exact.
    The shop system followed weeks after (stability, performance... was and still is a higher priority for me).

    We could consider this time the time of change. Moving from a big family-like server with an advanced setup and localized players to a public mass server.

    From this time we started being one of the first with launching servers for new modpacks. Creating custom plugins and mods to help us maintain stability.
    The biggest change: focusing on performance and stability due to the instability of 1.6 packs.

    Clearly the MyM Network is something that will continue to grow, and our story doesn't end here.

    Maintaining servers
    Advanced performance profiling.
    Creating patches to fix mod bugs, performance issues...
    Reading all posts on the forums and responding where reasonable.
    Responding and helping on the irc channel.
    Sorting out server crash reports and fixing them (by patching, limiting, reporting, disabling).
    Redefining priorities (5 pages todo list).

    When possible:
    Setting up new servers.
    Website & forums.
    Development (MyMStats/Analytics, TicketSystem, EntityControl...).

    Joined MyM: If we go by the name MineYourMind, well I was there quite some time before.

    I started here at MyM just like you, a regular player looking for a great modded server to join. I used to play a LOT of Ultimate back in 1.4.7 and was on a server that dissipated due to lack of dedication by the owner.
    I got so frustrated I quit for a year or so. I went through all the modpacks and fell in love with Horizons. I loved the idea of a tester modpack for less known mods. I found MyM after a few days of playing other servers. I liked MyM because it was easy to understand how to get started and didn't have an overwhelming spawn with all kinds of signs and commands I had to memorize to even play on the server.
    I had no life, so I spent a LOT of hours playing on Horizons and quickly became the biggest earner. The Staff consisted of Slind and Willi as far as I knew and that was all. I played for about 2 months before seeing a mod or two pop up, one quickly becoming co-admin. It ended up being that co-admin and I didn't get along so well and he muted me for simply asking questions.
    I was frustrated and tried for a few days searching for another server I liked. I failed and came back to MyM with the intention of keeping my head down. I was back on the server for only a couple days before Willi came to me and asked if I wanted to be a moderator. I told him I wanted a few days to think about it if he wouldn't mind. I ended up taking almost a week before getting back to him with a yes.
    I was moderator on Horizons but made my rounds to the other FTB servers (this was before MyM launcher, so I stuck with FTB launcher servers, Monster and Horizons). I put all my focus on helping players before my own pleasure in playing and I think it showed, just a few more weeks and Slind came to me and asked if I'd be interested in becoming Co-Admin, to which I responded I needed a few days to think about it.
    I knew it was going to cut my play time to practically nothing. After a few days passed I said I'd be honored to become a Co. I literally spent all my time as a Co helping players and finding ways to better the servers.
    Any free time I had was spent profiling the servers even if it was at 20TPS to stay ahead of the curve. I tried playing as co, that lasted for a few hours play time on Monster, the rest was spent working. About a month later, I was approached to become Administrator, which was the title of Slind and Willi at the time. I, once again, had to think about it.
    Obviously as you see today I said yes and ever since then I've actually spent zero time playing on the network. Of course, beta testing DIE might be considered playing, if so it's a relatively minuscule amount of time. In the past 13 months (my total time here on MyM) my average time put into the server would be about 7-10 hours a day, including vacations and time off. At one point I was putting in 16 hours a day, but that only lasted about a month during my Solo Admin run.

    The reason I was promoted originally as an Admin was to handle the Staff. The idea was I would handle all Staff questions, training, hiring/firing, drama, as well as re-arrange how applications work and come up with new ways to make the system work more efficiently, which we did.
    Back when I was promoted to admin, we had about 10 total staff-members (and no application process), but our network capped at 128 concurrent players (when I first joined it was at 64). This original idea was so that Slind and Willi could focus strictly on "Background" issues and developments.
    My responsibilities quickly shifted to helping keep console running smoothly as well as keeping an eye on configs and banned items, and eventually, into the full responsibilities that I was to help let Slind and Willi do themselves. The server has just grown so large that it's a madhouse working 'background' stuff, and the idea of only handling staffing issues lasted a very short amount of time, especially with the time zone differences.
    For a very long time I was the only person online during US peak hours, although Slind and Willi do a great job with their schedules to help out during those times.

    Primary Responsibilities: Keeping servers up, Keeping up to date with configs as well as devs/mods, TPS, note taking on happenings/feedback, learning, problem solving, debugging, World Editing, MCEditing, Support, crash-report Solving

    Secondary responsibilities: Modpack Creation (DIE and secret project, soon to be released), Other forums' upkeep, brainstorming how to better MyM, Breaking down ideas with staff or players to see if it can be logically implemented (that's how DIE started).

    Joined MyM: Very end of December 2013

    I joined MyM around the middle of 2014 as a player on AG. Shortly after I moved on to AG+, then CrackPack. I took a break from Minecraft as a whole, for a month or two, until around the end of 2014 when I returned. I balanced the idea of going back to running my own network or continuing to play on the MyM network.
    I choose to come back and instead focus my attention on helping the staff. To this end I applied for both Developer and Moderator in December 2014.

    After being accepted as both a Mod and Dev, I started giving back to my fellow players and staff. I made a habit of reading every forum post, pushing for a managed to-do list, and keep abreast of tickets.
    After a few weeks I applied to Co-Admin after discussions with Senior
    Staff. I was accepted as a Co-Admin in January 2015.

    In late February of 2015, after numerous discussions with Senior Admin Staff, a new group was formed within the MyM Family, Manager. I was within the first group to be moved to a Manager position. This reshaped my duties from taking care of the servers to managing the staff.
    I continued to read every thread, keep abreast of tickets, review moderator/co-admin applications, review player complaints, review ban reports and appeals, provide feedback and suggestions to Senior Staff, and push code to patch bugs/features.

    In April of 2015 I was approached about moving up to Director. The new position would focus on managing the admin team and back-end functions. After numerous discussions I accepted and moved unto the Director position.
    Currently I manage the day to day to-do list, break things, suggest improvements, and be the point guy for the admin team.

    Primary Responsibilities: Management of Administrators, Charles's idea sounding board

    Secondary Responsibilities: Server Administration, Annoying Slind & SirWill

    Joined MyM: Middle of 2014


    For me finding MyM was a happy accident in my life. I was a perpetual server jumper before MyM, never staying put very long. Usually the community of the server would "turn me off" to the idea of playing there for any longer period.

    I was a Skyblock enthusiast to say the least. I had spent loads of time on them and one day my little brother came to me and showed me a video by a man named Generikb. It was his Agrarian Skies Lets Play, the two of us began to search frantically for a server to play on, landing at quite a few duds before we finally found a winner.

    After about 5 minutes on MyM we knew we had found our home, at least for a while. I never thought I would stick around as long as I have. I played long enough that I began to immerse myself in the community and began to get friendly with quite a few of the staff members on the server. One of them suggested I apply, and after 2 days of consideration I decided that it was time to give back to the community that had given me so much.

    My time as a moderator was full of ups and downs, but I began to feel a strong connection to the community and found that I was on the servers more as a moderator than I had ever been when I was a player, but I found myself wanting to learn more and wanting to do more to help, so I went to Cbro and asked about the requirements of co-admins and their responsibilities.
    He told me that it was a lot more work and a lot less playtime, which at the time was not something I was willing to give up, so I went back to moderating, but slowly I found myself back to wanting more responsibility and wanting to help more, so I bit the bullet and applied for co-admin.

    Once I became a co-admin, this was when the staff community really opened up to me.
    I started to form a very lasting friendship with Cbro and the idea of DIE was born.
    In a Skype conversation late in the evening the idea of Agrarian Skies - (The most extreme Agrarian Skies) was discussed, of course that was mostly just talk at the time but we started to discuss it more until it was slowly the only thing that either of us wanted to talk about.
    Of course the name had to change and the pack began to truly evolve into what we had imagined it being (the hardest mod pack ever created).

    During the process of building DIE I began to learn alot about what an admin does and started to learn a few of the commands. After some gentle nudging from Cbro I decided to apply for admin.

    When we started making staff changes and imagining how our staff was outlined, I accepted a position of Director thinking that I could do even more good for the community.
    That is how I ended up here, from server nomad to Director of the Number 1 Modded Minecraft Community.

    Current Primary Responsibility: Director in Charge of hiring/firing Administrators and Managers. Working with other staff members and players to make MyM a better place to play. Signing off on Manager decisions, making sure that MyM is run cleanly and fairly.

    Current Secondary Responsibilty: Special Projects Engineer, and Destroyer of Souls. (Play DIE you'll understand )

    Joined MyM: 09/21/2014


    I started playing minecraft back in the days when we had to manually add mods into Minecraft.
    Oh those were the (not) fun days. The first mods I started with were Buildcraft, Forestry and IC2. From there, I started playing on Technic.
    Had tons of fun and moved onto FTB back when they were just a challenge pack. Oh my god was it fun! This is about the time that youtubers started doing actual playthroughs.

    My major online playing began with the now defunct route66 server running Ultimate. I played there for about a year before they shut down and I had to go looking for another server to play on.
    Never really found one to stick on for long, but made some really good friends. I finally found MyM on the advice of one of those friends and came over to see what this was about. And OMG they had an actual working Crash landing server! I was here to stay.

    After playing on Crash Landing for a while, I found the forums and the launcher. I registered on the forums to post a bug. After that, and how much I loved this server and the players and the amazing staff, I realized I should bring my staff experience over here. I applied to become a moderator and got accepted.

    My time here as staff has been a good one. I went from Moderator to Pack-lead for the BevoTechPack.
    I was then converted into a co-admin. After that, I applied to become an admin, and weeks later was accepted into the high ranks here at MYM.

    ~About Me~
    I'm as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth.
    I was in the Army for 12yrs, deployed for 6 years to Iraq.
    Previously staff on two servers before here.
    I am a Blood Magic God.


    Alright, let's see here.

    I discovered MyM last year mid/late-summer, after my friends and I left a YCP-modpack server due to their atrocious behaviour to the players on the server. After a few hit-and-misses, we ended up on MyM's Monster server. The player base was extremely good, the staff was even better, and I had finally found a server which I could call home. Something that I had been looking now for a few months after.

    My ontime quickly skyrocketed as I just loved the server. It was also seen by other staff-members, as I would often respond in chat to any and all help requests, with better and better answers forming as I played more.
    Due to my helpful nature, and my sky-high ontime, I was referred by a moderator back then, called cTacuk, and he really wanted me to apply.

    My very first forum-post was actually my mod-application, and I was a nervous wreck when I sent it in. I am one of those who always think the worst will happen, which has actually been a good thing as I always prepare myself to the teeth for everything. I was accepted mid-september of 2014, and I immediately started to learn how to be the best moderator that I could become.

    In January of 2015, I found myself to have become the best I could be as a moderator, and would often advice other moderators how to proceed with certain situations. As I thought of myself to be complete as a moderator, I applied for Co-Adminship. Mid-January, I was accepted as Co-Admin here on MyM, and I was ecstatic. Not that I had gotten all these new and shiny permissions and commands, but because my fellow staff-members trusted me enough to handle all of the new situations that Co-Admins are responsible to deal with.

    I fought nail-and-tooth with tps issues, trying my damndest to always be on all our servers and battle the low tps when I could, trying to make the MyM experience to be the very best for all of you players.
    I was also always around when claims were to be removed, when chunks got corrupted, when servers crashed, when players on any HQM modpack needed personal questbook resets, and when there was a roll-back approved by the admins to be done.

    My dedication to the community was seen by all the higher-ups, and mid-march, I was approached by Charles (SilentBane) who told me that they all wanted me for Admin. I was completely baffled by this, as I had only done what I signed up to do; Help the community, in all the ways that my current rank allowed.
    I am now a full-fledged Admin, and I am doing my best to keep the MyM experience being the very best for all of you!
    Current Primary Responsibilities:
    Restart servers when needed.
    Change configs as needed.
    Ban/unban items as needed.
    MCEditing particulary nasty crash-sources.
    Edit player data as needed.
    Update modpacks as needed.
    Reset dimensions as needed.
    Respond to tickets at Admin level.
    Making sure that the MyM experience is the best. ^_^
    Secondary Responsibilities
    Learn every command there is to learn (call me Wiki ).
    Keep internal translator rooster updated.
    Teach Co-Admins their responsibilities, permissions & commands.
    Lurk in the forums and help as needed.
    Direct Moderators/Co-Admins where they need to go to sort out stuff.
    Joined MyM:
    As Player: 2014-07-21. Moderator: 2014-09-21. Co-Admin: 2015-01-16. Admin: 2015-03-24.


    I joined MyM with some of my friends almost 1 year ago. I was looking after a server to play on, with some of my friends.
    We logged into MyM and suddenly we were in this weird place with portals (The hub server). We didn't really read what modpack we went to, and we allways crashed. After some time we went back to MyM again, and this time we acually understood what the lobby was all about.
    We started playing on horizons. At that time most of the players were on horizons. We played there a bit until my friends' interest stopped, though mine was still burning strong.So I played with only 1 of my friends, instead of all of them.
    After a while I saw the admin named Cbro. As a curious player that loves to help people I asked him about the mod application stuff. From the first message he sent, I knew I was on the right server (I had not met any staff as good as MyM's staff previously).
    He told me that I should decide for myself so I took a shot at it, and sent the application. After I sent it, all I could do was sit on the forums, constantly refreshing the site to see how many staff members that had read my application.
    After a week or so I woke up and checked MyM's forum, and saw the little red box with a number 1 inside. I think I almost dropped a tear of joy. I had gotten accepted as moderator.

    After a while I demoted myself due to some issues with IRL events. Nothing that major, but I did not have the time to help the players as much as I wanted to, so I didn't feel I should be a moderator at the time.
    After some weeks I came back, and I was a bit afraid to apply again but I did. This time I wasn't so lucky and my application got denied. I got really depressed, but I was not done with helping the players, so I played a week or two, and worked all I could to get back my rank as mod. It paid off and I became a moderator again.

    I stopped playing Horizons after that, and started with Monster instead. I soon stopped with Monster though, and basicly jumped from pack to pack. I was in love with MyM's community and the network.
    It was perfect, with nice players and an amazing staff. I've met new people and I've lost old friends that stopped playing. I have probably thousands of memories of my time on MyM and I hope I will have many more to come.

    After some time playing and working as a moderator, I saw that a new Co-Admin had joined MyM's ranks, and as the curious guy I was I had to talk with him, and I found out we had become staff almost at the same time.
    So I did some research about applying for Co-admin, though I didn't have that much of luck with me, so I just made something that I felt was good and posted it. After a week I got the reply, and I was even more happy than when I had gotten accepted as staff for the first time.
    It was at the time where I stopped playing crash landing, and the 1.7 packs started to be aired. I worked hard and was dedicated.

    Only a couple of weeks ago I felt I couldn't help as much as I wanted to, even if I was a Co-Admin. I wanted to be able to help everyone with everything, so I talked with Slind.
    He told me that he had thought about new admins and I was really unsure if I was the one that would be choosen to become an admin, it was so important and so on.
    But I knew that I needed to become admin. I had a need to be able to help all the players. My wish came through.
    I got promoted to admin. At that point I knew I could manage anything, and I jumped straight into it. I am still trying to do the best I can, though I became an admin quite recently, so I don't know everything. But everyone has to have a first time.

    Current primary and secondary responsibilities: At the time I wrote this, I don't really have a specific assignment. I am trying to help with everything I can get my hands on.

    I came to MyM in October of 2014, after growing terribly bored of SSP.
    I just kind of randomly picked a Monster server off the list - and found myself here. I started out on monster, and while everyone else was joining staff, I was all like "Meh, the Beard needs to consider this".
    After about 6 months or so, the Beard finally got back to me, and we decided it was probably a good idea - since we weren't exactly doing anything else anyways, and ALL that free time could be spent doing something productive for the community I'd come to love.
    I started off as a Moderator, and when the Call went out that MyM needed me, I became a Co-Admin.
    When the call went out again, I answered, again, and became an Admin.

    In my free time I like to program - C++, mostly, though I'm getting into java. I'm an avid gamer, and have been for most of my life. I've played Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, Rogue, Team Fortress 2, among many, many others.
    I have a working knowledge of a little bit of everything, from Art and Music Composition, to Programming, Robotics, AI, Human Anatomy (with a particular focus on the brain), to Surviving in the wild with naught but a sharp knife and keen wits - And just about everything I can think of in-between, except languages.
    English continues to be the only one that I can retain for any period of time.

    Current Primary Responsibilities: Assisting the Team where I can, Fixing server crashes, Updating configs & banned item lists, tracking down and HULKSMASHing corrupt chunks, and Grooming the Beard.

    Joined MyM: October 2014


    I started here a long time ago when MyM was a German server. I searched for a nice friendly server where everybody helps everybody.
    I found it, it was the MyM-Mindcrack server. It was my first Multiplayer server where I started to play, and I still play here.
    Over the time I worked my way up to Admin, now I mostly work in the Background, watching the consoles, helping players but I still play from time to time on some servers here.
    Now I've almost been here for ~2 years and I still have fun helping players.
    Over time, I've played with lots of different players and made some friends.
    After a lot of time as moderator, I applied for the rank Co-Admin, and yeah I got accepted, then after ~2 months I applied for Admin, and again I got accepted
    That's my history of how I joined the MyM-Network.

    Current Primary Responsibility: Helping Players, restarting servers if needed, and so on.

    Joined MyM: End 2012


    I joined about two years ago, right at the start of the Ultimate Server. A rl friend of mine was moderator back then, and I had already helped him set up a few things with computercraft before the launch. The server later ran into some technical problems, and we didn't have developers back then, so I offered my help.

    Slind made me Admin directly so I would have console access (We didn't have the Developer rank at that time, and in fact we didn't have the separate Founder rank. I was actually quite surprised that I got this so fast...).
    Since then, I worked hard to fix the countless bugs in minecraft, mods and plugins. In the same time, I played on ultimate, TPPI and now BevoTechPack and tried to build good looking stuff.
    At the moment I'm not really active ingame as I'm writing my bachelor thesis, but I still try to look into the forums every day and help with crash reports and such.

    Current Primary Responsibilities: Last resort bug fixing, analysing nasty crash reports, answering Slind's questions

    Joined MyM: Around spring 2013



    Before I joined MyM I would either run my own public servers or would host a private one for me and my friends of the pack that we loved at the time, then one day in early October 2014, I was watching a Twitch.tv streamer and saw that they were playing on a public server, after asking in the chat which server they were on I got an answer, which said "I'm playing on ag2.mineyourmind.net".
    I then joined the server and first thing I saw was that it had over 200 players online and I thought "oh dear that's a lot of people I bet it's gonna be laggy", quickly realised afterwards that it was the amount for all the servers, and not just Agrarian skies though, as the server-staff were always keeping on top of any lag.
    After spending a few weeks on the Ag server, I saw that they had a Bteam server and instantly wanted to play it, so I could become the most powerful Space Witch that existed. After playing that for a few days I got stuck in a chunk that lowered my frames to practically the negatives and went and posted a post on the forums which was solved very quickly by SirWilli himself. After seeing how quickly the staff respond I decided I wanted to be a part of this so that I can help players when they needed it, to let the founders make the servers even better instead of having to come help me .
    After submitting my first application to be a moderator I got a response which said it was denied. I was expecting that though as I put close to no detail in the application. I then waited a week or two before submitting a more detailed application, this one got accepted and within an hour of receiving my permissions and moderator title I got called to help a player with a grief, and thanks to the detailed pages on staff commands, I had no trouble in finding out what had happened and who did it.
    Then came the first 1.7.10 modpack created by Knoxz called MineYourGalaxy, this was the pack I fell in love with and also died a lot in and I mean a lot, pretty sure I still hold the record of most deaths on it with over 300
    This was the pack I decided I wanted to stay in and help as many people as I could which was when I decided to apply to become a Co-admin.
    Againn my first application was denied because I again lacked detail in it .
    As you can see now though my second application which was submitted just short of a month after the first was accepted
    And yet my love and dedication to MyM has yet to decline it just keeps growing!

    Current Primary Responsibilities:To hire, fire and train new mods and co-admins.

    Secondary responsibilities: Complete sf2 help to build holiday themed lobbies

    Joined MyM: Early June 2014
    How I found MyM

    I started playing Minecraft a couple of years ago and I was just like any other player. I punched a tree and I became hooked. My first night a zombie ate me. I re-spawned and started again.
    After a while I started playing modded Minecraft, just in single player at first, but then I wanted more so I started searching for online servers, and I found a few that I hopped around on but it wasn't very enjoyable. In December 2014 I was playing Agrarian skies and I found my home on the MyM network.

    How I became staff
    I had never really thought about becoming staff on a server before, but I found a passion for helping people with questions in the public chat and helping solve issues. Not long after I had seen an advertisement in the public chat about helping the community by becoming staff and I decided to apply. I honestly didn't think I would be accepted but I was.

    After being a Moderator for nearly 3 months I decided to apply for Co-Admin as I wanted to further help the community and also gain a greater knowledge of the workings of the community that I had grown to love.

    Not long after I became a Co-Admin, A call for managers went out and I didn’t apply straight away. I took a few days to think about it, and after much thought I decided to apply. And I was really happy and humbled that I was accepted to be a part of the manager team.

    A little about me
    I am from the UK and I am 29 years of age. I am a mother of 2 girls. And I have been playing games since pc's became mainstream and one started to appear in every home. I remember playing CS 1.5 on a 56k connection and that was the best speed you could get back then. I have always been a gamer, I've travelled up and down the UK doing LAN events and competitions in my teens. I have played world of warcraft since vanilla but have now retired.

    I am currently studying at college learning programing and software development. Currently I have been using procedural programing using C sharp and I hope to expand my knowledge into other programming languages.

    Primary responsibilities - I work as part of a team that hires new Mods and Co-Admins, We also have the not so pleasant task of demotions too. I will also be assisting in the training of new moderators to help them be the best they can be.
    Secondary responsibilities - I still like to help out with TPS and server issues.

    Joined MyM - December 2014

    A year ago I had no idea what modded Minecraft was. In fact, Minecraft was some silly game my son played. I didn't mind that he played it, it was recommended to us by a professor doing a 3D printer presentation at a STEM Tech fair we attended in 2012. He’d referred to it as “virtual Legos”, and urged me to check it out, “for the kids”. Shortly after this, I heard that if you were going to let your kid play any video game at all, Minecraft was The One. So not long after that, both my kids put away the Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart, and went straight to Minecraft.

    After much convincing, my son got me to try it out one day. So you know how in vanilla you have to survive three night cycles or you lose your whole inventory when you die? It was like that. Spawn, punch a tree, try to set up a place to live before the zombies come out to play. I got a pretty decent thing going, got killed pretty quickly afterwards. Respawned to realize that everything I had worked for in that 9.5 minutes was gone, and I had to start over. I got so mad I said I would never play that stupid game again. /ragequit
    A couple months later a good friend of mine asked me to bring the kids to his brand-new vanilla server, with a bunch of my old gaming buddies. I told my rage-quit story and said I’d never play that stupid game again. Ah, they always break me. I finally agreed, and soon found myself hooked, building barns and rescuing horses and just having fun using it as a groovy type of SIMs relaxation game. We mapped out our play area coordinates, and until recently still had that map taped to our living room wall on a home-made poster made out of 9 (3x3) pages of graphing paper. Anywhere we wanted to go, we just had to find our place on the living room map using the correct coordinates. I found it to be a real, multi-level learning experience. For all of us.

    After a couple months, in our quest for knowledge of all things Minecraft, I was led to the LetsPlays of YouTube (by my kids of course, dragged along the whole way). Stampy Longnose and his friends were now regulars in our household, and viewing staples (why watch stupid TV shows when we could learn more about Minecraft, right?). We watched a series on Attack of the B-Team and (also after a lot of “mom, we have to play that, will you please find us a server?”) went on a quest to find AotBT servers. I found a few on the list, but I was looking for one that wasn’t at full capacity, but still met the criteria for “family friendly” as I was bringing two little kids along. MineYourMind fit, across the board. As it happened, it was the first one I chose, and the only one I would need.

    We first came here determined to again carve our own little place in the world, but found ourselves relying on the community (for things like “I know I can morph here - how do I make this thing work?!”) and the staff (when we had our first experience being griefed in a rather impressive incident of being fireballed at the spawn). This showed us early on how were expected to behave, and what not to do, and reminded me that we are now part of the community, where everyone’s actions - good and bad - make an impact.
    It didn’t take long for me to see that the community was truly an asset to our gameplay. Then I actually started talking to people and liking them, not only fellow players but also staff members. I realized early on that I held in high regard the staff members I encountered often, both online and through the forums, that were giving up real time out of their days to help us when we needed it. I also realized how much time, effort and real money it took to provide us a safe, fun place to play without asking for anything in return. Compared to some MMOs I’ve played in the past that ask for a $15/mo. subscription fee, I found a new appreciation for these guys and gals. As a player, that really meant a lot to me. I realize, especially as a player, that game play and server stability isn’t always perfect, but to weigh it against the time and effort it would take to run my own server, I advocated tolerance during those bumps in the road. Eventually I wanted to find a way to give back, to pay it forward, so to speak.

    I started to do that by offering my assistance and my abilities as a Moderator, and now as a Co-Admin. I’m glad to know that MyM is still a safe, fun place to play this silly game of “virtual Legos”. More than anything though, I’m honored to be a part of helping to make it work, as a staff member and as a part of a great overall community.

    Current Primary Responsibility: Helping current Moderators to do their best work monitoring the server chat and assisting players, and picking up the overflow.

    Current Secondary Responsibility: Server profiling, lag assessment, and pretty much whatever else the Directors tell me to do Always, a work in progress.

    Joined MyM: August 2014

    I found Minecraft a couple years ago while going through youtube videos.
    I soon after bought the game and have been hooked ever since.

    ~~~~Finding MyM~~~~

    I found MyM after trying another server that did not bring a very good experience. A friend of mine that had also left the other server had been playing on MyM for awhile and asked me to join him here.


    A few weeks after joining I decided to see if I had what it takes to become a staff member. I put in my application and was accepted. I knew this was the server I was going to call home. I had no plans on going any further than a moderator, but after several weeks they put out the call for Co-Admins, so once again I posted an application. That brings us to now. I have recently become a Manager.

    ~~~~About Me~~~~

    I am 32 from the US. I enjoy fishing, Hunting, Shooting, and Scuba diving. When im not playing minecraft I am usually playing Battlefield, Combat Arms,or at the gun range.

    ~~~~My MyM Duties~~~~

    I work as part of a team that hires new Mods and Co-Admins. I will also be helping with the training of new moderators to help them learn all they need to be prepared for their new job as staff members on the MyM server.

    Joined MyM:Nov 26, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2015
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    4:08 AM
    The more you know :p
  3. Demonica6666

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    6:08 AM
    All of y'all rock and MYM is the best server with the best staff.
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  4. Auvreaeath

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    Not even an honorable mention? How injured I do feel. ;)
  5. LucidTheStick

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    Welcome back! =)
  6. Ginabrik

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    Lol I guess Auv beat me to it with not even a mention but he was around a lot longer. I have returned after a long time away. Just thought I'd pop in and say hey, im just an old moderator :p

    -Found MyM- a long while back in 2014 when I was looking for a server to join with some buddies, back when MyM had a monster server. Went from server to server working my way up to admin or co-owner. servers closed and I would move on with my group of friends, usually I'd scout servers to see how suitable they were.

    -Staff- was a moderator but had to step down due to real life issues taking precedent over games. see the staff hasn't change much besides increasing. glad to see familiar faces! :) Maybe in time ill rejoin the staff as a part time moderator.

    -About Me- age 20 going on 21, busy working a full time job to support my family. I work a horrible shift so I'm either on really early in the morning or late at night EST. I am from NY, USA. Been a part of a lot of gaming communities but I have had to slow my role to take care of my family, its my motivation for everything I do nowadays. what time I do get free I play a multitude of games, just ask about my steam library lol.

    BUILD!! I love to build and its what I spend the most time doing as I relearn all the updated mods :D Feel free to ask for help, fair warning I specialize only in roman, greek, and Egyptian style building with occasional Japanese. currently I build alone, hoping to get my build team going again to mega-massive builds again.
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    It's times like these that are the best times to look back and realize just how beautiful MYM is as a community and a server. We, together, are a massive family, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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    i think there should be an updated list or a list of staff that stays currrent
  9. wyndman

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    That would involve us wanting to share personal information with the community, which is unlikely. The vast majority of people on this list do not and have not worked here for quite sometime so it is quite out of date.
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    Who is this _Cilo_ person ? /giggles
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