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Nuclearcraft Fission Reactor Generator (on a webpage)

Discussion in 'Tutorials, Tips and Tricks' started by cybcaoyibo, Apr 22, 2020.

  1. cybcaoyibo

    cybcaoyibo Well-Known Member

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    1:59 AM
    Link: NuclearCraft Fission Optimizer

    Update (5/11/2020)
    Lots of improvements have been implemented since the initial posting:
    • Now it can handle active coolers and reserving spaces for pipings.
    • Now you can choose to optimize for either power, breeding speed or efficiency.
    • Added option to generate symmetrical reactors (enabled by default)
    • Added option to ensure heat neutrality (enabled by default)
    • Added input to limit the usage of each type of blocks
    • More comprehensive fuel presets
    • Added resource summary at the end of the design
    • Less lag for displaying large reactors
    • Better algorithm in general

    The cooler types are in the same order as they appear in JEI. "[]" means reactor cell, and "##" means graphite block.
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  2. Fireforce

    Fireforce Patron Tier 3

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    10:59 AM
    To get a better design use hellrages fissionreactor designer it's a program it's a great help

    I like yours aswell
  3. Willshaper

    Willshaper Patron Tier 3

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    10:59 AM
    I love this one because i don't have to manually try to design a Nuclearcraft reactor. I just input the size/numbers here and it'll give me a pretty decent reactor.

    Trying to manually design a better reactor would take me many many hours, as i really suck at that, and got no interest in getting better at that particular puzzle :D
  4. Willfon

    Willfon Well-Known Member

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    10:59 AM
    I really like that app.

    But I also liked the address leu-235. I just hope the feds doesnt look at my search history next time I'm heading for the US ;)

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