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Done NuclearCraft items make me glitch

Discussion in 'Galactic Science' started by Recidiviste, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. Recidiviste

    Recidiviste Well-Known Member

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    8:26 PM
    So, me and my friend have an "island", and we are playing the pack together (with differents quest books). When my friend crafted the Isotope Separator from Nuclear Craft, big lags happened. He placed it in the world, deconnect, and asked me to go check if it worked for me. I didn't have any problems. Anyway, now, he crafted the NuclearCraft Pistol, and another time, big lags (1-0 fps). We can't do anything. And this bug occurs only with "final" items, intermediate craft didn't cause lags.
    Do you have, please, any idea what's causing that ? We would like to start NuclearCraft fast, and we would be grateful for you to solve this weird problem
  2. LadyRen13

    LadyRen13 Consultant

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    2:26 PM
    I am so sorry this got missed. If this issue occurs again please bump this message otherwise I will mark it done due to the length of time. Please feel free to create a new ticket or thread should you need help with any other issues.
    Happy Crafting!

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