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Project Ozone 3 Normal Mode Reset & Pack Update

Discussion in 'Server Info' started by Aidoneus, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. Aidoneus

    Aidoneus Administrator Booster

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    3:48 AM
    Server Addresses
    Modpack Version
    Twitch Launcher - MyM-Launcher

    Launch Times
    Patron Tier 3: Friday, 5th June at 8am CET
    Patron Tier 2: Saturday, 6th June at 8am CET
    Everyone: Sunday, 7th June at 8am CET

    Time Converter

    Old server will shutdown: 10/6/2020
    Server Information This is the other side to the Kappa Mode coin. Now we believe we are launching this the right way. To go with this, there is/will be a new MyM Launcher instance. It will be called Project Ozone 3 Normal. Sadly, we cannot update the current server as there is a few too many pack changes that includes mod removals/changes.
    Pack Description Project Ozone 3: A New Way Forward is a pack filled to the brim of mods ranging from tech to magic to even exploration. A Better Questing pack filled with "currently 1197" quests (if you include the reward system). Project Ozone 3 also supports pack modes as they become available (Normal, Titan and Kappa). Normal mode in PO3 will be "slightly" more difficult than Project Ozone 2's due to mod progression. There are still "simple" achievements after the main quests we just use Better Questing entirely.
    Warnings As with all of our 1.12.2 Minecraft servers, this is an experimental server.
    Base Downloads Those that would like to continue on their bases in single player or on their own server are welcome to download the base during the next week with /wd. Keep in mind you will need to use an older instance of PO3 in order to play in Singleplayer (which will still be available on MYM launcher), or convert to the newest version on your own.
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