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Denied Project Ozone Lite | 1.10 | No

Discussion in 'Modpack Suggestions' started by Items3Sacred, Apr 8, 2022.

  1. Items3Sacred

    Items3Sacred Well-Known Member

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    1:24 AM
    Modpack Name:
    Project Ozone Lite
    Modpack Description:
    It's a Skyblock Modpack and a Lightweight Version of the Traditional Project ozone Modpacks.
    Minecraft Version:
    Modpack URL:
    Why Host the Modpack?:
    I would love to see This Modpack back, Since there doesn't exist a single other server that I know of. In my eyes, atleast it seemed to be pretty successful whenever I was online with 5 - 10 people online.
    Any Potential Modpack Issues?:
    I don't think there were any major issues. It seemed to be the same things as any other Modpack. A few Items needed to be banned, like the Bag of Holding because of a Dupe Glitch.
    In the Nearly 800 Hours of Playing This Modpack (On this server) I haven't really seen anything Major, like something that required a Rollback. I only have seen a Few Server Crashes and an Extremely low TPS, but that is to be expected on a Modpack server.
    Should the Modpack be Patron Only?:
  2. AoifeEnns

    AoifeEnns Community Coordinator

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    4:24 PM
    Hi Items3Sacred,

    I am going to deny this. We already had POLite for a while, but then everyone lost interest.
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