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Done Quest reset please

Discussion in 'StoneBlock 2' started by Vargfang, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Vargfang

    Vargfang Well-Known Member

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    10:42 AM
    I came back after a while, my island is gone, but my quests isn reset, may i please have my questbook reset, pretty please, with sugar on top?:):)
  2. HanoverFist69

    HanoverFist69 Administrator Patron Tier 3 Booster

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    1:42 AM
    Hello @Vargfang ,

    Sorry for the delayed reply on this. To reset your quests we'll need your FTB teamID.

    1. Open the "My Team" button in your inventory in the top left of the screen
    2. Click the "Settings" option
    3. Get ID from the top left of the window next to the title (Settings #<ID HERE>)

    Once we have that we'll get you quests reset for you.

  3. chaseB2

    chaseB2 Well-Known Member

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    Local Time:
    3:42 AM
    Hello Vargfang, I've gone ahead and reset your questing progress for you. You're all set to start over now.

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