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REI's Migration to MYM Launcher - Win7

Discussion in 'Tutorials, Tips and Tricks' started by slyder5649, Apr 16, 2014.

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    These are the steps to migrate the REI's waypoints from FTB Launcher to the MYM Launcher.
    1. Open a new window and navigate to your FTB Install Folder
      1. You can find the folder by starting the FTB Launcher and pressing options.
    2. From the FTB Install folder navigate to [FTB Install Folder]\Monster\minecraft\mods\rei_minimap.
    3. In another window, navigate to %AppData%\.mineyourmind\instances\MyM-FTB-Monster\minecraft\mods\rei_minimap
      1. You should be able to copy this entire path to your navigation bar.
    4. Copy all the .points files from [FTB Install Folder]\Monster\minecraft\mods\rei_minimap to %AppData%\.mineyourmind\instances\MyM-FTB-Monster\minecraft\mods\rei_minimap.
    5. You might have to rename some files depending on what method you use to connect to the servers
      1. If you have been connecting to the lobby and would like to use direct connect on the MYM Launcher, rename your files to have the prefix "monster-new.mineyourmind.net"
        1. monster.mineyourmind.net.DIM0.points -> monster-new.mineyourmind.net.DIM0.points
      2. Other Examples:
        1. monster-new.mym.li.DIM0.points -> monster-new.mineyourmind.net.DIM0.points

    Feel free to PM me or find me on M2 if you guys need any further help.

    btw - the new launcher is pretty sweet.
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