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Done Server Issue

Discussion in 'SevTech: Ages' started by Darknight1812, Jan 22, 2022.

  1. Darknight1812

    Darknight1812 Well-Known Member

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    1:17 AM
    Today, 22/01/2022, I tried logging into the server then lost the connection plus when I was able to log into the server I have lost all my progress and all my stuff as well as all my important waypoints, my base, and every useful thing I did so I am very upset and I am an epilepsy sufferer so the stress that this is causing is not helping and worrying me.

    Just to make people aware I was on yesterday and had zero issues because I left the server just before a restart also I was in the Omothol Realm and I shut down my game after that because it was late but to me, that should not affect my game like this.
  2. Gabezetrainboy4

    Gabezetrainboy4 Administrator

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    5:17 PM
    Hello Darknight1812,

    Your playerdata is still intact. This was likely an ephemeral network issue that has since been resolved.

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