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So you need to start a fire?

Discussion in 'Tutorials, Tips and Tricks' started by HanoverFist69, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. HanoverFist69

    HanoverFist69 Administrator Patron Tier 3

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    7:50 AM
    As we all know fire goes out on MYM servers. For as long as I've played on MYM I keep hearing "flint & steel in a dispenser." But, one of the first things I learned in modded MC on MYM servers is how to start a permanent fire without flint & steel or automation. So, I figured it's time to put the word out.

    The answer lies with Thermal Expansion's Flux Igniter. It's very cheap to make. If you have netherrack you probably have the mats. And once charged up it can make netherrack, etc burn permanently with a simple right click.

    So if your pack has TE forget about automating fire just make a Flux Igniter.

    If your pack doesn't have TE, I would check what it does have and do some testing. If the Flux Igniter works then odds are there are other tools that do too.
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  2. wyndman

    wyndman Administrator Patron Tier 3

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    DE Safety matches work too if that's an option!
  3. deepcage


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    In most packs ive played so far here on the MyM network, because fire spread and block destruction is disabled by the GriefPrevention plugin, any block that should normally burn up when on fire (like wood or coal blocks) will eternally burn when lit on fire with the Dispenser trick. So if you dont have access to the nether and want to have a block perma burning, just light a log, or even a wooden plank on fire. in only -very select- packs, it will destroy the block. but in most cases. it will just burn forever.
  4. BanananaBread

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    Now, just how do I manage to burn down the whole server :). Oh darn, I didn't read the part about fire going out :(. Any who, good tip for lighting some fireplaces!

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