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Implemented Stacia Expert | 1.16.5 | Yes

Discussion in 'Modpack Suggestions' started by Willshaper, Mar 30, 2021.

  1. Willshaper

    Willshaper Administrator Build Team

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    12:11 PM
    Modpack Name:
    Stacia Expert
    Modpack Description:
    Stacia: Expert Is A Pack With Custom Recipes And Full Of Different Crafting Methods. You Can Experience The Latest Mods In The Most Different Way.

    [Craftable Creative Items] [+400 Custom Recipes] [Hundreds of Quests with FTB Quests]

    Mining Experience Is Better With Renovated And Increased Ore Generation

    Mekanism V10 And Other New Mods Are Great!

    Do You Want To Try Them In A More Customized, Quest-Based And Challenging Pack?
    Minecraft Version:
    Modpack URL:
    Why Host the Modpack?:
    Note: Version is 1.16.5 and not 1.6 as listed in the description, as 1.16.5 is not an available option.

    Aido asked in #patrons if we'd like a new 1.16.5 pack or keep the old one.

    I suggest we try Stacia Expert, as it's a questing pack, which we have not had any of on 1.16.5, and it's expert, which may help give people a long term server to play on, instead of "Yet another Kitchensink Pack".

    We already tried 2 standard 1.16.5 packs, and neither have had any long term success, so let's do something different.
    Any Potential Modpack Issues?:
    Same problems that all other 1.16.5 modpacks suffer from. New version, plenty of potential bugs etc.
    Should the Modpack be Patron Only?:

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