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Techopolis Custom Machinery Mod

Discussion in 'Tutorials, Tips and Tricks' started by dragon87tamer, May 28, 2022.

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    So on Techopolis we get alot of people how to use certain machines. Well I'm here to give you guys the basic run down.

    I used the Tree Absorber as a tutorial guide. So I'll use that to begin with.

    Once you have made your tree absorber, placed and powered it. Click the progress arrow (Show recipes) to get all the available recipes.[​IMG]

    Once this is done find the recipe you require and click the purple icon shown here[​IMG]

    what this does is bring up a ghost image of how to build the structure. This is done by directly building (for this example) oak tree. No dirt is required for this. [​IMG]

    The ghost leaves look white, but just use the correct leaves for the correct tree you are building, Oak leaves for a Oak tree, Jungle leaves for a Jungle tree, etc etc.. Once all ghost blocks are filled go back to the absorber and check to see if its working. If so congratulations you have done a wonderful job. if its not working, redo the above steps! :D

    This is the basic guide for all the machines that require a so called "structure"
    a fluid absorber requires 8 sources of fluid to absorb the fluid without actually removing the source blocks.
    a miner base structure requires a 3x3x3 ore underneath for it to work.
    Many other machines all require something, and some machines have different structures, for instance miner only mining iron can have multiple structures to achieve more ore collection.

    Now Last tidbit of info for you. With these machines (not all) you can insert techium ingots to help speed up the processing speed of the machines. a basic techium ingot states " -10% speed " this helps reduce the total time of the process by 10%.

    Hope this helps you!

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