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Accepted Tekxit 3 LE | 1.12 | No

Discussion in 'Modpack Suggestions' started by Aidoneus, Aug 30, 2020.

  1. Aidoneus

    Aidoneus Administrator

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    Local Time:
    5:32 PM
    Modpack Name:
    Tekxit 3 LE
    Modpack Description:
    TKX aims to provide the experience of both Hexxit and Tekkit at the same time, updated to Minecraft 1.12.2; Tekxit 3 allows you to travel to new worlds and create awesome machines just like in Tekkit but have the exploration experience of Hexxit at the same time; If you find any issues view the help page and if that is unable to help you let me know so I can help you resolve them.
    Minecraft Version:
    Modpack URL:
    Why Host the Modpack?:
    Any Potential Modpack Issues?:
    Should the Modpack be Patron Only?:

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