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Done Thaumcraft Advanced Control Seal

Discussion in 'StoneBlock 2' started by GooberGuy87, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. GooberGuy87

    GooberGuy87 Well-Known Member

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    3:49 AM
    I've been looking all day for a solution to this, but nothing comes up.
    What do we do about not being able to make Advanced Control Seals?
    Right clicking just places the seal on top of the crucible, and throwing it in just adds the essentia.
    What do I do to finish the quest?
  2. AoifeEnns

    AoifeEnns Community Coordinator

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    1:49 AM
    Hi GooberGuy87,

    Sorry for the long delay in answer, and I know you haven't been on in quite a while, but this might be good for active players as well. I did some testing on this, and did confirm that the advanced control seals are not craftable in SB2. It is known, and was reported here, however, seeing as Azanor has stopped developing thaumcraft, I don't see it being fixed. Should you or another player come across this, just send us a ticket and we can complete the quest, and should you want the advanced control seal for golems, place all the required ingrediants in a chest, including those needed for essentia, and we can both complete the quest and get you the advanced control seal.

  3. HanoverFist69

    HanoverFist69 Administrator Patron Tier 3 Booster

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    1:49 AM
    Hello GooberGuy87,

    I went ahead and placed a Advanced Control Seal: Store in your inventory so you could complete the quest. Completing quests in FTB can be a pain so this seemed like the easiest solution to get your quest completed. As Lirael said, if you do need any other advanced seals just make a ticket and place mats in a chest for us.


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