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Done The MyM's system ingame

Discussion in 'Forever Stranded' started by BP_Plague, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. BP_Plague

    BP_Plague New Member

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    3:37 PM
    So I appear to be able to buy MyM's with tickets from voting, as I have done so, I have not found a use for them nor found info on it. Am I able to anything with these MyM's ?
  2. sporefreak

    sporefreak Well-Known Member

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    2:37 PM
    Myms are used for ingame Markets or to buy claimblocks, some servers dont really have a use for them, and as Myms rely on players using them they are not always worth a lot especially for people that would rather trade ingame items.
    you can use /market list ingame to view the market (If your server has one)
    Myms are per server and are not global, so dont redeem all your myms in one place :)
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  3. tonalom

    tonalom Well-Known Member

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    10:37 PM
    As sporefreak explained excellently, the MyMs are used for the in-game market and for buying claim blocks. As for Forever Stranded this makes for a bit of a tricky case because the in-game market is disabled afaik and claim blocks are not needed there. Therefore the MyMs do not have any real purpose on Forever Stranded.

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