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This week on MYM #152

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by dubhnoir, May 22, 2023.

  1. dubhnoir

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    Hello Everyone!

    Still wishing good luck to everyone doing their exams!

    Weekly Top Voters:

    Congratulations to our top voters for last week, your rewards have been sent off already.

    [​IMG] = LordEreh
    [​IMG] = Tryser98
    [​IMG] = _WickedHunter_

    If you would like to learn what the rewards are for being a top weekly, or monthly voter, you can check those out on our Wiki.

    Management Team Announcements:

    Congratulations to multiple of our staff!
    Redshii for their promotion to Moderator!
    SparedPumpkins for their promotion to Moderator!

    Want to help out on our server? Then join our staff team! You can fill out an application here.

    We are also looking for builders. Each new server gets a custom spawn and would like your help making them and potentially new event builds. Each build you do can gain you a special rank title!
    You can fill out an application for that here.

    Threads to Watch:

    -Server Status Page here
    -McEternal market suggestions thread
    -McEternal Sign trade thread
    -Claim plugin update inf0 here
    -Network Status Update 2023 here
    -Migrate to Microsoft deadline here

    Admin Corner:

    Below is a list of new changes that our hard working admins have done this week.

    • Adjusted default claim flags to fix mob spawns. If you have any issues with spawns simply remove and remake your claim.
    • Updated to 2.3.6-DEV11
    • Set the Grief Defender claim tool (stick) to Off by default. Use /claimtool to toggle it off/on.
    • More connection tuning with the proxy
    • Adjusted chat filters so it is a little less restrictive
    • Disabled Mekanism Security to prevent a crash

    All the Mods 8
    • Fixed claimblocks not being accrued properly
    • Replaced FastSuite with a DEBUG version temporarily to help track down crashing issues. NOTE: This may break some recipes. This is only temporary.
    • Added a warp point for Farmworld: /warp farmworld
    • Added some fixes to automatic farmworld resets like Direwolf20
    • Changed some setting to possibly fix some crashes dealing with chunks and saves
    • Rolled back a region due to server crash on startup

    Direwolf20 1.19
    • Completely reset the Nether and End to add some more fixes to the automatic farmworld resets for those dimensions

    FTB Skies
    • Removed Slice of Life book from Akashic Tome due to crash. You will need to craft your own.
    • Updated to 1.2.0 (changelog)

    Project Ozone 3
    • Configured Island resets/deletes to also clear the Player's Advancements


    That’s all for this update, happy gaming~
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    Me attacking the thread and making 1st comment.
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