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This Week on MYM #5

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ElectricLemonade, May 11, 2020.

  1. ElectricLemonade

    ElectricLemonade Community Coordinator

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    Hello everyone!

    How is everyone doing? I know, I know, I missed a week of the newsletter. How dare?! So sorry guys, it was a rough week on the real life front. But we're back! And we have some great news! We're launching two nodes of a brand new server, MC Eternal, starting THIS weekend! I don't know about you guys but the staff team is super excited to check out this new pack! Check the thread here.

    As Aidoneus explained in his announcement post, there are a few mods that have been preemptively disabled to help server stability while we get these servers rolled out. We have, however, discussed the possibility of testing the use of these mods on the servers once we have a better idea of their performance. So check back with us in the future if you'd like to see some of those mods!

    But if MC Eternal isn't your cup of tea, don't worry! We have lots of things on the docket for the near future! In fact, keep a lookout for the announcement of our next build contest coming SOON...

    Now, let's take a look at our changes for the week!

    Admin Corner:

    Global Changelog:


    • Merged upstream, resolved conflicts and updated custom changes for upstream changes
    • Deployed proxy update to support Minecraft 1.15
    • Please report any issues you encounter.

    • Restricted use of Item Frames inside claims due to claim bypass.


    MyM Bot

    • Fixed cleanup not removing Booster rank in game
    • CommunityBridge Bot
    • Updated library and restructured everything
    • Added cleanup of party channels to delete leftover channels

    1.7-1.6 Servers

    • Added /bal command as an alias of /money with servers' next restart
    • MyMRedisChat
    • Added missing implementation of ignore list for private messages
    • Patched SimpleStorageNetwork packet exploit

    Crackpack 3:

    • ElectroBlob's Wizardry

      • Disabled Earthquake, Meteor, and Greater Fireball spells due to protection bypass.
    Attack of the Bteam:

    • Added Pixie Egg and Kelp for purchase in the Spawn.
    • Updated end game list. Removed Shiny, Blazing Pyro and Gelid Cryo from the end game items.

    • Fixed obtaining grains of infinity
    • You can do this in the Lost Cities dimension and the Farmworld

    MC Eternal:

    • Added Support Forum
    • Added both servers to server status page
    • Added servers to the hub

    Crash Landing:

    • QuestBook rollback to fix bugged hardcore mode
    • Unbanned all players which were banned by the hardcore mode

    So now that we've done a few of these, I'd love to hear some feedback from you guys. Do you enjoy the newsletter? Do you think there should be other information included each week? What suggestions do you guys have? Let me know and we'll see how this thing evolves! I'm always open to suggestions on how to improve things!

    Now let's get started on another great week!

  2. Secr3ts_

    Secr3ts_ Member

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    4:43 AM
    Aight that's a big job that you done this week! Congrats for MC Eternal I just discovered it and it's awesome! Count me in if I'm not lagging to much XD
    Good day to you and Mym,
    - Secr3ts_
  3. Raptorpea4343

    Raptorpea4343 Well-Known Member

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    3:43 AM
    *Claps* *claps harder*

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