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Done Too many entities on my Stoneblock 2 Claim

Discussion in 'StoneBlock 2' started by RylCraig, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. RylCraig

    RylCraig Well-Known Member

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    9:00 AM
    A brief summary of my situation:
    Hi. I'm requesting help for a sticky situation I have tangled myself in on the Stoneblock 2 server, where I have accidentally broke a storage drawer filled with about a million cobblestone that I was about to convert into EMC.
    Due to the accidental breakage I am unable to log in to the server without freezing or lagging other people in the process, which causes me to be unable to clean up the mess and/or create a ticket for help. If I could request anyone to at least point out what I should do or help with my problem, I would be very grateful. Moreover, I would be perfectly okay with it if someone just poured lava over the pile of a million cobblestone on the floor.
    I apologise for the lag I have or may cause.
  2. tonalom

    tonalom Well-Known Member

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    2:00 AM
    Hello roblox8minecraft,

    As discussed in-game, I have gone ahead and cleared the cobblestone for you, so you should now be able to connect to the server just fine again. As such I will go ahead and mark this thread as done.

    Best regards,
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