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Tut on how to allocate more memory to your minecraft/help with crashing

Discussion in 'Tutorials, Tips and Tricks' started by Dwkukri, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Dwkukri

    Dwkukri New Member

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    5:24 AM
    If your using the technic launcher for minecraft (what i am using for my bteam mod pack) and if you are having alot of crashes/the game crashes when you go to the lobby or try to rejoin the server this could or could not help you (it helped me and fixed all of my crashes)

    On the technic launcher there is a cog wheel in the top right of the window
    Click on it and then where it says memory you can change that, giving it more mem will help with crashes but will make your cpu be used alittle bit more

    Then your java is not the same as your system (like i had 32bit java but i run windows 7 64bit)
    I would reccommend changing that/making them the same bit and then going back to see if there are more options if there arent and you know that your minecraft/java can use more memory from your system then look down just alittle bit more.

    For people without technic launcher/dont have the option in there
    Youll have to go to the start button on your desktop>control panel>search java> run java
    After you run java you need to switch to the second tab (Java) and then click on the button view and you should get a Java Runtime Environment Settings window
    Within that window you should have one thing under user unless your using more things that run java
    I do not have anything other than minecraft so i only have 1 thing
    under that one thing there is a tab/spot that says Runtime Parameters, if you doubleclick on that you can change it
    Now for the numbers part 1GB of ram is 1024mb, you will have to use mbs so if you want to change it to 3GBS itll be 1024x3= 3072 and so on

    I hope this little tip/tut/trick helps with your crashing problems
    <3 you all Dwkukri
  2. MactepIce

    MactepIce New Member

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    8:24 PM
    If the above options are not available for you, say you do not have the RAM for it then changing your settings to compensate will work. It kept me playing until I could upgrade to a 64 bit system. Settings like View distance on short and everything on fast or off.

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