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[Tutorial] RGB Lamps

Discussion in 'Tutorials, Tips and Tricks' started by BloxyRoblox, Aug 21, 2017.

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    Hello there fellow Mine Your Mind players,

    i heard some players asking about how the RGB lamps work, how to activate them, and how to change colors. I understand that it is a bit confusing, but when you get it, it is really easy!

    First i want to clarify that they don't just work with a lever, or a simple redstone signal. You need to work with bundled/red/green/blue bluestone wire's. So if you don't want complicated lamps, you better just stick with glowstone.

    RGB stands for red, green, blue, an RGB lamp works through the color cables. Color cables allow you to mix colors, for example: with red and green you get yellow, and with blue and red you get purple.

    The more you flow through a specific color cable, the more that color you get on your RGB lamp. For example, if you turn red and green on, but you give red a small signal, and green a strong signal, then you will notice the difference that your lamp goes more to the green side.

    I hope you all now understand better on how to control the RGB lamp, you can make awesome things with it! Like a disco? :)

    Have fun!

    Kind regards,
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