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Done Wireless connectors broken, They void power

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies 2' started by Rexarc, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Rexarc

    Rexarc The Alchemist

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    11:33 PM

    This is my setup. a X8 High temp furnace generator powering a small ME system. it outputs iirc 3200 rf/tick. now, im not 100% sure on the RF-AE conversion rate, but somethings wrong when the wireless connector (which only takes 240 ae/tick as far as it says) immediatelly Voids all of my power, even though theres nowhere for it to go on the other side.

    Anyy idea how to fix this? or is it just a useless block that eats power?
  2. ggkhs

    ggkhs Guest

    Hey Rexarc,

    Thank you for making a thread regarding this issue. It seemed 1 x8 High temp furnace generator was not enough, after you made a second one the system was working perfectly. As we solved the issue in game I will have to mark the thread as Done. If you have further similar issues or questions feel free to reply so we can provide further assistance.

    Have a nice day and a wonderful time on MyM

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