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Feed the Beast Server – MineYourMind-Server

Our AbePack Modpack server, carefully curated by the renowned Feed The Beast team, is your ticket to relaxation and excitement with friends. Get ready for exploration, epic boss battles, unique travel options, and a diverse array of magic and tech mods.

FTB AbePack Modpack

🎮 Gather Your Adventurous Friends! 🎮 Gather your friends and embark on an epic journey through a world bursting with color and wonder, thanks to "Oh The Biomes You'll Go."

⚔️ Dive into Enchanted Dungeons! ⚔️ Prepare to explore dungeons so unique and structures so whimsical that you'll feel like you've tumbled down the rabbit hole in Wonderland. Get ready for loot-filled escapades!

👑 Face Formidable Foes! 👑 Feel the adrenaline as you take on bosses so fearsome that even the Ender Dragon would be impressed. Can you rise to the challenge and emerge victorious?

🏞️ Travel in Grandeur! 🏞️ Say goodbye to plain old walking and hello to majestic "Mythic Mounts." Explore the lands in style and let your inner adventurer run wild!

🔮 Tech or Magic, It's Your Call! 🔮 Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a master of magic, we've got mods that'll ignite your imagination. Craft, enchant, and create your way to Minecraft greatness!

🌟 Download FTB AbePack Today and Embark on Your Adventure! 🌟

Features of Our FTB AbePack Server

  • Voicechat with Friends: Stay connected with in-game voicechat.
  • Experienced Staff: Our mature and highly experienced admins are here to assist.
  • Global Player Community: Join players from all corners of the world.
  • Low Latency: Our dedicated server in Germany offers a level 3 backbone for low latency worldwide.
  • Data Safety: Hourly backups ensure your progress is secure.
  • Fewer Restrictions: Enjoy fewer banned items and blocks.
  • Regular World Resets: Engage in monthly and weekly secondary world resets for a fresh experience.

Automatic Farmworld Resets

Discover our unique feature – automatic farmworld resets. To understand how this works, visit this page on our wiki. The following dimensions are regularly reset on our server:

Weekly Resets

  • The End
  • Twilight Forest

Monthly Resets

  • The Nether
  • Farmworld
  • Mining Dimension
  • Lost Cities
  • Undergarden