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Notice: all our ranks are global, this means you have them on all our current servers, but the perks might vary from server to server in order to fit the modpack and setup.


For information about Tier ranks, see the Tiers Shop page.


Price 0 € 4.99€/month 9.99€/month 19.99€/month
Perks default Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Early Access to New Servers1)

Start playing day/s before all others on new servers.

0 hours 0 hours 24 hours 48 hours
Inactivity Reset Time

Increase the time until your base resets because of inactivity.

2 weeks 2 weeks 1 month 2 months
No Inactivity Reset Server

Set a server to not reset because of inactivty while Patron is active with the settings in /menu.

0 0 1 2
Daily Login Tokens

Join any server daily to receive the daily tokens.

0 15 30 60
Chat Prefix and Name Color

Highlight your chat name from others.

Lost Soul
Temporary Tier Rank

Get one of the Tiers while the Patron status is active.

  Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3

Bonus claim blocks added to your griefprevention account.

0 500 1000 2500
ChunkLoader Online Limit

The maximum chunks you can have loaded at the same time while you are online.

9 12 16 32
ChunkLoader Offline Limit

The maximum chunks you can have loaded at the same time while you are offline.

3 6 9 16
Friend Pass

The amount of friend passes you can giveaway every month to a trustworthy player of your choice. A friend pass allows the player to access patron servers for a month.

0 0 1 2
Discord Server Channels3)

See the server chat of the last joined servers in Discord.

1 2 3 4
Access to Whitelisted Servers

Play with other patrons on whitelisted patron servers.

  yes yes yes
Discord Party Channel3)

Private discord channel which is synced with your party chat in game.

  yes yes yes

Use color codes in chat and on signs.

  yes yes yes
Prioritized Support Channel

Get access to a prioritized support channel on Discord.

  yes yes yes
Greeting and Farewell

Set a custom greeting and farewell message for your claims/island.

  yes yes yes

Ability to set items as hats via. /hat

  yes yes yes
Virtual Time-Control

Change the visual time for your self (If available).

  yes yes yes
Extended Block Info

See extended info of blocks like channels of AE2 blocks, inventory content... (Depending on WAILA/TheOneProbe integrations.)

  yes yes yes

Highlighted login message, forum avatar and show your avatar in the sidebar while online.

    yes yes
Cosmetic Armor3)

Hide or replace your visual armor parts without loosing the effect of your equiped armor.

    Head All Parts
Extra Huge Island

Access to the huge and awesome cube island (If available).

    yes yes
Reserved Slot

Connect to a full server

    yes yes
No AFK-Kick       yes
Custom Nick

Change your ingame nickname (no color support)


1) Players with less then 24 hours playtime have 48 hours early access without patron.

2) Doesn't stack with legacy tiers.

3) Not available on minecraft 1.6.4 servers.

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We keep the right to change any rank at any time in range and cost without any announcement and approval. If you cost the server any harm with your tiers perks, we have the right to revoke them.