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New Divine Journey 2 Server Announcement

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Willshaper, Sep 22, 2021.

  1. Willshaper

    Willshaper Build Team

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    1:15 AM

    Server address

    dj2.mym.li or divinejourney2.mym.li
    Curseforge Launcher - MYM Launcher

    Pack Version: 2.4.0

    Launch Times
    Patron tier 3: Friday, 24th September at 9am CEST
    Patron tier 2: Saturday, 25th September at 9am CEST
    Others: Sunday, 26th September at 9am CEST

    Time converter


    Heya everyone!

    Remember those fresh servers that I teased in the September Server Shutdown Announcement? It's taken a bit longer than expected.


    Here's one of those! Divine Journey 2, the spiritual successor to Divine Journey that we used to host on the network. A monstrously big expert pack filled with Tech, Magic, Scary bosses and tons of dimensions to explore!

    Be sure to also check out the Stoneblock 2 Announcement that Hanoverfist69 just made!

    Pack Description

    A Minecraft 1.12.2 Expert modpack that is the spiritual successor to the 1.7.10 Divine Journey modpack. It features a unique progression line and a lot more mods to go through than it's predecessor.


    • Automate Everything!
      • Most aspects of every single included mod need to be explored and automated.
      • The bulk of the pack consists of magical crafting and automation, which you've been given the tools to set up!
    • Expert pack, but not grindy(tm)
      • There is no recipe you'll have to wait hours for.
      • All items you need to craft in bulk are automatable.
      • You'll only have to wait a short while to gather EMC in the lategame for Neutronium to pile up.
      • You won't have have to kill any boss more than twice.
      • EMC is purely for lag reduction, to replace your old farms, mob spawners and quarries.
    • The hardest "fair" 1.12 Expert pack
      • You'll need to progress through every single mod listed in the progression line, and most recipes are highly gated behind mods that come earlier in the list.
      • Lategame recipes are more "intriguing" than "grindy"
    • Custom Dungeons by the community
      • DivineRPG and Galacticraft Dimensions have been spiced up, and they all now feature a custom dungeon!
    • Over 1600 Quests through 30 Chapters
    • Custom Modular Machines
    • Over 5000 custom recipes


    • Early Game:
      • Vanilla, Tinkers' Construct, Totemic, Roots, Immersive Engineering, Early Game Mekanism.
    • Exploration:
      • Better Nether, Twilight Forest (Optional), Atum 2, Erebus, Aether 1, Iceika.
    • Big Tech Block:
      • Extra Utilities 2, Open Blocks, Mob Grinding Utils, Thermal Expansion, EnderIO, AE2, Industrial Foregoing, RFTools, Solarflux Reborn, Quantum Flux, Simply Jetpacks, Mekanism, Draconic Evolution, Alchemistry, Extreme Reactors, Avaritia.
    • Big Magic Block:
      • Abyssalcraft, DivineRPG, Blood Magic, EvilCraft, Botania, Thaumcraft, Bewitchment, Thaumic Augmentation, Thaumic Energistics, LightningCraft, Astral Sorcery, Mystical Agriculture.


    As this is a new 1.12.2 Modpack, it's still highly experimental.​
  2. Cantiel

    Cantiel Well-Known Member

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    1:15 AM
    now i'm interested

    also thank god for optional twilight forest. feels like every pack nowadays has it, and on a server, it can take hours to find a ghast tower that hasn't been raided yet
  3. HanoverFist69

    HanoverFist69 Administrator Patron Tier 3

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    4:15 PM
    We set TF dim to reset weekly. So it shouldn't be a major issue finding bosses. :D
  4. XoCynner

    XoCynner Moderator

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    7:15 PM
    heck ya !
  5. Deathwich

    Deathwich Well-Known Member

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    7:15 PM
    Looks awesome, the first Divine Journey has been my favorite pack.

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