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Minecraft with two graphic cards and some other rant

Discussion in 'Tutorials, Tips and Tricks' started by Sandstroem, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. Sandstroem

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    Ok, so someone asked how to deal with 2 graphics cards on laptops and minecraft, so I decided to write down a little tutorial. This time it will come without any Bee Jokes.

    Ok, so what is the problem?

    • A lot of laptops come with two graphic cards, usually some IntelHD card (which is totally able to run MC if you cut down the settings) and some better Nvidia oder other card. In this mini-tutorial I will talk about Nvidia, you will have to look up the specifics if you use another card.
    • With most applications you should just be able to rightclick it and select something like "run with graphics processor" and then select the right one. This does work for example with the MyM launcher.
    • But here comes the problem: The MyM launcher isn't actually Minecraft, it just launches some java which then runs MC. And here it usually defaults back to your Intel Card.
    • Another problem: A lot of times when your Java updates from lets say 8.1. to 8.2 , it doesn't just replace it, no, Java has the idea to just make a different folder with the number in it.
    • Another one: Different launchers come with their own java, sometimes even each pack. I currently use 4 launchers for different things and this can be a pain in the backside.
    Now how do we solve this mess:
    A) Run the launcher and pack you want like you normally do.
    B) Figure out which java is running and where it is stored. To do that look into your Task Manager, find the java process, look up folder, it should be some java.exe or javaw.exe running in some weird folder
    C) Find your graphic cards settings, for example the NVIDIA settings, there you can find a list of applications that can be assigned to run with certain cards. If your specific java isn't in there, add it, assign it to specifically run with your better card.
    D) Test it: Run the pack, F3 should list the card, but that doesn't always work in 1.7, you can check the Task Manager again, it should show where the process is running.

    Fun part: Sometimes there is a new java update, a pack update, a launcher update or you just want to play another pack, then you might have to start all over again.

    I hope this little tutorial helped. I decided to not add any screenshots, everyone should be able to find his or her settings and figure it out yourself.

    If you have any questions or find any errors in the text feel free to post.

    Have a nice day


    P.S. I forgot the rant.

    So in my case I run 4 launchers:
    • MyM launcher for everything I want to play on MyM. I do not recommend to use it for singleplayer, maybe for a quick creative testing world, but most packs are changed to fit MyM's requirements, so you will not get the default SP experience. Some packs actually are just broken in SP.
    • Twitch Laucher: I know, it is a bad launcher, full of bugs, the guy who built it should be comdemned to play "Abenteuer auf dem Reiterhof" (all parts), but unfortunately at this point it is the standard go-to launcher to play most packs.
    • Technic Launcher: Because Blightfall. And Shanghaied. Ignore everything else.
    • FTB Legacy Launcher. Mostly because I am too lazy to delete it. And Golem Factory. Check it out, insane pack. :D edit: And some other old packs that haven't moved to twitch. Like Void World for example.
    • A fully-repaired hatchet and a dead plank.
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  3. Jitrid

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    This post hurt the logic compartment of my brain.

    Bitte stop mixing in German I will cry.
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    I thought you knew German :p

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