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MyM New Players Guide

Discussion in 'Tutorials, Tips and Tricks' started by deepcage, Sep 24, 2022.

  1. deepcage

    deepcage Captain Obvious has entered the building!

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    8:57 PM
    So i must have typed the stuff below to other (and mostly newer) players many many times, this time im putting it in a guide so i can just share the link :)

    So there are some things to know when you first join a Mineyourmind server.

    Most of these things are due to performance issues and making sure the servers run at optimal performance. So it is not recommended to try and break these things. This information is probably also in the knowledgebase from mineyourmind, but most people i think, will check the forums before even knowing there -is- a knowledgebase. Click here to go there.

    Because this guide would become an enormously long post, i have used spoilers to create an index of sorts. Click on each spoiler to get more information on that subject.

    Lets get started with some of the more important things to know.

    First and foremost. The in-game rules, which you have to accept upon joining a server, are not the only rules!
    Go here now to read the rest of them!

    When designing your base, try not to build multiblock structures across chunk borders unless you cannot avoid it. This especially matters for the Tinkers Construct Smeltery. Make sure they entire multiblock is in 1 chunk. If you do build it across a chunk border, expect performance issues and server lag at some point. Especially if you build a really big smeltery.

    Avoid single chunk bases and if possible, spread out your stuff over at least a 2x2 or 3x3 chunk area.
    To see chunk borders, you can either press F4 repeatedly, or F9. On Later versions of the game, pressing F3+G will show chunks. (Addition by @Sandstroem )
    To keep performance on servers optimal. The chunk you are currently in is the only chunk that runs on full 20 tick speed. The surrounding chunks still run, but only at 1 tick instead of 20. So their tick rate is reduced to 1/20th.
    There are 2 ways to chunkload on mineyourmind. Iron blocks and Gold blocks. Iron blocks are what they call Online Chunk loaders and Gold blocks are Offline chunk loaders.

    Here's the difference:
    Iron block: will only chunk load while you are online as a player. Once you log-off, they stop working.
    Gold block: will chunk load while you are online and offline. However offline chunk loading costs 3 times as much as while you are still online.

    To be able to chunk load, you need "Chunk loading Tickets". These can be purchased via the ingame /shop menu. To get the Tokens which you need, you will have to VOTE or buy a Patron subscription. Patrons get a daily allotment of tokens to spend just for being online. Non-paying members will have to use the voting sites to get tokens.
    Click here to go to the voting site.

    Once you have voted, you may or may not receive your tokens right away. To see your current token balance, use this command: /vote show.
    If it hasn't gone up even after voting, you will have to force it to update. Use: /vote forceupdate. After that do another /vote show and it will have updated.

    So, now you have your tokens. As mentioned above, you run: /shop (while ingame on a mym server). The shop interface will open. Keep in mind that when the shop opens first, its always set to the currency called "Packages". Packages are not the same as tokens. Packages can only be earned by winning the weekly or monthly voting contest. Other then that, the only way to get them is to buy them with real money HERE.

    To switch the currency to tokens, click the emerald once. Now you can purchase chunkloader tickets. 1 token will get you 10.000 tickets. That may seem much, but chunkloading costs vary on how full your chunks are. The costs to chunkload are per minute.

    Here's an example. Say your chunk, costs 100 tickets to load.
    that means it will cost you:
    100 tickets per minute.
    6000 per hour.
    144.000 per 24 hours.

    For offline loading, this means 3 times as much. So make sure to buy plenty of chunkloading tickets and avoid offline (gold block) loading when possible.

    Once you buy your tickets, place down an iron (or gold) block. Then shift+rightclick it with an empty hand and select which area you want to load. I recommend you always go with 1 chunk and load on a per chunk basis rather then a 3x3 or 5x5. It is much cheaper.

    Once you have placed down several chunkloaders, you may lose track of one or two. That's easily counteracted with the following command: /cm info.
    This will show every chunkloader in a simple and interactive overview in your chat. You can disable or remove them from chat. It will also show you their coordinates, so you don't have to search for them.
    To also not impact server performance too much. Mineyourmind has implemented an active Mob Cap. Unless a specific mod overrides this cap somehow, at any given moment, there should not be more than 6 mobs spawning in an area of 3 x 3 chunks.

    This 3 x 3 area overlaps with neighboring 3 x 3 chunks. So if you want to build multiple mobfarms, make sure to always keep 1 complete chunk empty in between your mobfarms. That will guarantee each mobfarm gets the max of 6 spawns. If mobs aren't spawning, there may be something wrong with lighting (not being fully dark) or maybe you are in the wrong biome.

    Mob entities will also increase your chunkloading costs. The more mobs are alive in that chunk, the higher your costs will be per minute. You want to save on chunkloading costs near your mobfarms? Make sure they die instantly when they spawn. A dead mob, is a good mob in this case.

    Passive animals do not seem to count toward this mob cap. So your passive animals should keep spawning regardless of surrounding hostile mobs.

    The following was suggested by @MaraJade2
    The command
    /entitycontrol list-near
    is helpful to see what might be taking up room in the mob cap nearby. Additionally, on SevTech Ages the age gating system prevents you from seeing mobs that are from different ages, but they are still there. This command is even more useful in that pack for seeing if there are invisible mobs taking up the mob cap around you
    There are many things a player can do to prevent their base from causing unnecessary amounts of server lag. One of the most important ones, is to avoid loops. This goes for bother item, energy and fluid loops.

    Here are some examples:
    Item/Fluxducts and EnderIO Conduits all interconnect. Which is neat, but it also causes loops which can be easily avoided.
    How most people do it:

    How it should be done:

    All you have to do, is to right click the the connections between the ducts or the conduits with a wrench. Most will work, but i have the best experience with the Yeta Wrench from EnderIO. It does require a few clicks extra, but it saves heaps on performance. Which will ensure everyone gets to enjoy the pack without too much lag.

    Another way to reduce lag is to make sure there are no blocks or items on the ground. All item entities contribute to lag.

    For example, if you went mining and would just throw all your cobble on the ground, that would in the long run cause performance issues. Staff will also get upset if you do stuff like this and you may get punished by staff if they think you really overdid it.

    Instead craft an item which voids items you don't need. Some packs have either items called Dev/Null/ or Dank/Null/. These items are perfect for storing some blocks and deleting the rest. It is also recommend you equip some kind of magnet, to pick up the blocks you mine. This way you dont make a mess when you mine and the server wont lag as much as it would otherwise.Im fairly certain almost every pack has at least one or more items which do this. I recommend you use google if your pack does not have the above mentioned items.

    The same goes for mobfarms and agricraft farms. In both cases, either when mobs are killed, or plants are harvested, the items usually drop to the ground. If left to build up, it will cause immense lags and may even crash the server. Use items like the Vacuum Hopper, Item collector, Hungry chest or other items to instantly suck up all drops and then sort them into chests, other inventories or trash- cans/bins/chests.

    With this being said, it is not recommended to offline chunkload your farms. Because once your storage fills or gets clogged, the items will start falling to the ground again. They will keep building and building up, to a point where you cannot even get close to the area without experiencing extreme FPS lag. It may even break the server and if poop really hits the fan, it may require staff intervention, which will likely also include a scolding from a staff member.
    Most packs will have either refined storage or Applied Energistics 2. Both are inventory management systems which will help store and automate most of your items and machines.

    Refined storage is pretty decent. Its low impact and usually doesnt have many issues. Applied Energistics 2 (AE2) however does have some things you may need to know.

    More is not always better!
    A lot of players try to create massive cores of ME Controllers. While it may look cool, as long as you are not using all sides of the Controllers with either Dense or Smart cables, then all they will do is cause unnecesary performance issues. So only build what you need.

    Another thing a lot of AE2 users seem to do, is use a huge amount of import and export busses to automate crafting processes. Avoiding Export busses is impossible, because there is just no real efficient other way of pulling items out of an AE2 network.

    Import busses however should be avoided as much as possible. They are not needed and using a lot of them only causes lag. There are much better ways of pulling items from your machines and storing them in your AE2 network.

    The most efficient way is to use 1 ME Interface (as a block). Connect it anywhere you like to your cables. Then use Ender Chests (with a diamond on the lock) to transport the items from your machines, to the ME Interface. Then pipe them into the interface with either Itemducts, EnderIO Conduits, Item Translocators, basically whatever item-pipes there are in your pack.

    It will work faster then import busses and it will cause less lag to boot.
    It will also save drastically on used channels (only relevant in older versions).

    If you have issues with (mostly older versions) of AE2, where items or cables will randomly get disconnected and disappear. Then i recommend you check out THIS POST i made a while ago. It is still relevant and may solve your issue.
    Some packs contain Immersive Engineering. This mod is a bit temperamental and can bug out or lag out servers when used incorrectly.

    The multiblocks need to be built at least 2 blocks away from Chunk borders. They also require 2 spots in between them. The only known exception to this, is the metal press from Immersive Engineering. This is the only multiblock that seems to work when built directly against each other. You will however have to build and activate them one by one.

    As for more is better... no its not. Most multiblocks are intended to only be built once. They always work on full speed and do not require massive amounts of power. You should only ever need 1 pumpjack, refinery, crusher, pressurizer, etcetera. Do not build multiples to avoid issues, which will usually result in log-in errors or server lag.

    That's it for now. I will edit this post later and add more useful stuff when my fingers have recovered from all that typing ;) Check back later for more :)
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2022
  2. MaraJade2

    MaraJade2 Moderator

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    11:57 AM
    This is great!

    Suggested additions:

    In addition to what has already been mentioned, Immersive Engineering multiblocks will break 90% of the time when they are built over chunk borders. (They should also be built with at least a 2 block space between them and everything else, but that's not chunk specific)

    The command
    /entitycontrol list-near
    is helpful to see what might be taking up room in the mob cap nearby. Additionally, on SevTech Ages the age gating system prevents you from seeing mobs that are from different ages, but they are still there. This command is even more useful in that pack for seeing if there are invisible mobs taking up the mob cap around you
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  3. deepcage

    deepcage Captain Obvious has entered the building!

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    8:57 PM
    @MaraJade2 ill include your IE tip later in a seperate section. Ive added the mob entities command. I didnt even know we had that. I learned something new today. Thanks for that.
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  4. ItsTyrone

    ItsTyrone Patron Tier 2

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    11:57 AM
    A few things to add: AE2 p2p tunnels tend to bug out/not work unless you make a blank security card and give it access to the system in the security station.

    Chunkloader ticket cost can be a bit inconsistent, but the biggest drains consistently are draconic energy storage, multiblock power generators (reactors from nuclearcraft/extreme reactors, diesel generator from immersion engineering), and multiblock production machines, in that order.
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  5. Superkaze

    Superkaze Patron Tier 3

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    12:57 PM
    A couple other things to mention:

    Grief Prevention is the land claim plugin in use. People call it 'Golden Shovel' because that's the default tool used to set the corners of a claim.
    You begin with 100 claim blocks, and must vote to earn more. With vote tokens you can buy Claim Blocks, Currency, or Chunk Loading Tickets.

    In packs where you don't have access to a golden shovel right away, the default item has been changed. i.e. in Sevtech Ages the item is a Flint Shovel.

    In Skyblocks I believe your entire island is claimed by you at the start, so you would only need to claim land in other dimensions.

    Note: Normally Grief Prevention has several options or 'flags' you can set in your claim, allowing (or forbidding) events inside. However, because of how MyM's WorldGuard is set up, Blocks from the Cyclic mod that place or break blocks just won't work, no matter what claimflags you try to enforce on your own claim.

    If you need to place or break a block in the world (i.e. making massive amounts of black concrete for environmental Tech...) then you're better off using a mod like Modular Routers or even Actually Additions. Again, it depends on your pack and the mods you have available, but Cyclic is 9 times out of 10 a terrible choice.
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