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Info Overstating: The Singleplayer vs Multiplayer Mindset

Discussion in 'Server Info' started by HanoverFist69, Jun 16, 2020.

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    As we all know, playing Minecraft on a server with other people is a very different experience than playing singleplayer. One thing many players fail to realize though is that the mindset we use in singleplayer is actually quite toxic in a multiplayer environment. I don't mean toxic in how we socialize with others. A player can also be toxic by ignoring how their efforts to automate machines are impacting other players.

    The MYM Rule on Overstating:

    • Do not overstate, this is a multiplayer environment and not single-player where no one else is affected by your doings.

    In a singleplayer world you can do whatever you want - quite literally. You can auto-craft a million processors with your massive AE setup. You can use 100 Sag Mills to process all your ores instantly. You can build horribly inefficient monstrosities and never bother anyone.

    However, in a multiplayer world everything you do has some impact on the other players. Your massive auto-crafting setup can easily freeze the server for 5 seconds. Your extreme ore processing can eat away at the servers TPS making the entire server run slower for everyone. The machines you automate will affect the other players with every server tick.

    We have to adjust the mindset we play with in a multiplayer environment. The only reason we're able to join each other on the internet and play Minecraft together on good servers is because we agree to limit our efforts. Building massive setups to output all your processors in a few seconds is just, well to be frank, rude and selfish. If you're excited about the insane output your machines are doing then you're probably missing the point I'm making: You are not alone. Your every action affects the entire world. Please don't ignore your responsibilities as an online player.

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