Note These commands only work for our 1.12.2 Minecraft servers.


  • /spawn - Teleports you to the spawn point
  • /sethome [name] - Sets your home location and optionally name it
  • /money - Shows the amount of MyMs you own
  • /pay [player] [amount] - Sends money to a player
  • /baltop - Displays the top 5 richest players
  • /suicide - Kills yourself
  • /stats - Shows the time you have spent on all servers
  • /vote - Displays vote links to earn rewards by voting for the server
  • /discord - Shows our Discord invite link
  • /website - Shows our website url
  • /forum - Shows our forum url
  • /premium - Shows our shop url


  • /msg [player] [message] - Sends a private message
  • /r [message] - Reply to the last player that sent you a message
  • /ignore <player> - Toggles ignoring of the specified player, disallowing them from sending you messages
  • /mail send [player] [message] - Sends an offline message
  • /mail - Checks your offline message(s)
  • /mail clear - Clears all your offline message(s)
  • /party - Shows party chat commands
  • /friend - Shows friend commands


  • /trust [player] - Gives the player permissions to build
  • /untrust [player] - Revokes any permissions of the player
  • /trustlist - Lists all trusted players
  • /abandonclaim - Deletes the claim you're standing in
  • /claimslist - Lists your claims
  • /stick - Toggle the claim inspection tool (stick) on/off

See GriefDefender for more information.


  • /island create - Creates an island
  • /island reset - Deletes your island and starts a new one
  • /island setspawn - Sets your island's spawn point at your position
  • /island spawn <username> - Teleports you to your island's spawn point (Only use <username> if you are a trusted island member and not the owner)
  • /island setbiome <biometype> - Change your island biome type

Info The biome options are ocean, swampland, forest, flower_forest, jungle, plains


  • /market open - Opens the buy interface
  • /market add [price] <amount> - Creates a listing for the market. You need to be holding the item you wish to list in your hand.


  • /ticket - Shows information regarding ticket creation
  • /ticket create - Creates an empty ticket and displays a link in which to fill in the information

See how to create a ticket for more information.


  • /ca - Allows to change your cosmetic armor
  • /claimfarewell [message] - Changes the leave message of your claim
  • /claimgreeting [message] - Changes the enter message of your claim
  • /nick - Allows to change the nickname
  • /hat - Sets the current selected block as hat
  • /patron friendpass [player] - Gives the player a friend pass



  • /kit <kitname> - Shows all kits, or redeems the defined kit
  • /anvil - Opens a portable anvil window only you can use


  • /enderchest - Opens your enderchest at will
  • /workbench - Opens a 3x3 crafting window
  • /et <power> - Opens a vanilla enchanting table window


  • /back - Teleports you back to a previous location
  • /feed - Fills your hunger bar, and saturation
  • /hat - Put the item your holding on your head


  • /back - Also teleports you back to your death location (Excludes both Ag's and Sf2; read Tier 3 for more information)
  • /fly - Enables creative fly mode (Excludes both Ag's and Sf2)
  • /nick [nickname] - Set a nickname
  • /delnick - Deletes your current nickname
  • /heal - Heals yourself


  • /god - Enables god mode, making you invincible, disabling damage taken (Not including damage that bypasses creative ex. Chaos Guardian)
  • /thru - Moves you through the block(s) you're looking at, right clicking a compass has the same effect
  • /jump - Moves you to the block your cursor is pointing at, right clicking a compass has the same effect


  • /cm - Manage your chunk loaders
  • /entitycontrol list-near - Get a list of entities in a 3x3 chunk radius