What protection does this server use?

Generally, we use a plugin called GriefPrevention or GriefDefender due to its ease of use for the player. Other servers with modpacks like Agrarian Skies or Crash Landing use WorldGuard regions created from the skyblock plugin. Both third-party protection systems are extended by our custom ProtectEx extension to protect against more modded items.

What is the difference between Farmworld and Overworld? What does Farmworld mean?

The Overworld (build world) is one of the only worlds which isn't being reset. All the other worlds might be reset from time to time, so building there is not advisable. The Farmworld looks like the Overworld with the difference that quarries (which leave huge holes) and turtles are allowed. This world is meant to be taken apart for resource farming. It is being reset on a regular basis to allow new players to acquire depleted resources like beehives.

When will the Farmworld and other secondary worlds be reset?

We have an automated secondary world reset system in place. Certain worlds are being reset monthly or weekly. To learn about how this system works, please see the Automatic Farmworld Resets wiki page.

Are there any warnings prior to the reset?

Warnings are given around 5-7 days before with automated in-game announcements. We will also make an announcement in advance on the forums here.

How do I get more claimblocks?

You can change MyMs and tokens into claimblocks. You get tokens from voting, which you can then exchange for claimblocks or MyMs in the /shop. On some servers, you can also get MyMs from trading, which you can also exchange for claimblocks.

Is there a limit to the amount of claimblocks you can have?

There is a limit, but you don't really need to worry about it as it is quite high. Should you ever reach the limit, open up a support thread on the forums and we will increase it.

Can you remove this claim next to mine?

We utilize an automatic reset system on our servers. Claims get removed after 2 weeks of inactivity from the claim owner. Members of the claim can request a transfer to them after the 7th day of inactivity. They can do this by creating a ticket or a support thread